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An obtuse triangle.

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Q: What 3 sided polygon has one obtuse angle?
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What is the sum of a 10 sided polygon one angle?


What polygon has at least one obtuse angle?

An obtuse triangle has 1 obtuse angle and 2 different acute angles and they all add up to 180 degrees

What is the interior angle of a twenty-four-sided polygon?

If the polygon is regular, the measure of one interior angle of a 24 side polygon is 165 degrees.

What is a five sided shape with one obtuse angle and at least 1 acute angle?

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Does a dodecagon have obtuse angles?

Yes. Any polygon with more than four sides MUST have at least one obtuse angle.

What is the exterior angle sum of a 27 sided polygon?

The sum of the exterior angles of any polygon, including a 27 sided one, is 360 degrees.

What do you call a billion sided polygon?

One billion-sided polygon = GIGAGON

Which shape fits the description below A three-sided figure with one acute angle one right angle and one obtuse angle.?

A three sided shape is a triangle but the given angles are incorrect because a triangle can't possibly have a right angle and an obtuse angle because its 3 interior angles must add up to 180 degrees.

What is the size of one interior angle of a regular twenty-sided polygon?

Each interior angle is 162 degrees.

What is the measure of one interior angle of a regular 10-sided polygon?

It is: 144 degrees

What is the measure of 1 interior angle of a 6-sided polygon?

The equation for one interior angle of an n-sided polygon is (n-2)180/n. In this case we have a 6 sided polygon. If we plug n=6 into the equation we get: (6-2)180/6 =4x30 =120. Thus 1 interior angle of a 6 sided shape would be 120 degrees.

What polygon doesn't have at least one interior angle that is right or obtuse?

The answer to this would be any acute polygon, such as an equilateral triangle. The definition of acute polygons is that no angle in the polygon is greater than or equal to 90 degrees.