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Any pentagon with at least one side that is not the same as another. An irregular pentagon is not a correct answer because it is possible to have an irregular pentagon with equal sides but unequal angles.

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Q: What 5 sided figure has no equal sides?
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Related questions

What is the figure that have 5 equal sides?

It is a regular 5 sided pentagon

What is the name of 5 sides?

A 5-sided figure is called a "Pentagon".

What is A figure with 5 unequal sides?

It is an irregular 5 sided pentagon

What geometry figure has 5 sides?

A pentagon is a 5 sided polygon

What 5 sided shape has 2 equal sides?

A regular pentagon has 5 sides and all sides are equal. Therefore 2 of the sides are also equal.

What 5 sided polygon has no sides equal?

irregular pentagon

What is a closed figure with 5 sides that are line segments called?

A 5 sided pentagon

What is a two dimensional figure with 5 sides?

A 5 sided shape with 5 angles is a pentagon

How do you call a shape with 5 sides?

A Pentagon. A five sided figure is a pentagon

How many sides does a pentogom have?

If you mean "pentagon", that's a 5-sided figure.

What are you i have 5 equal sides you have 5 diagonals?

It fits the description of a 5 sided regular pentagon.

What 5 sided shape has two equal sides?

well a regular pentagon has 5 equal sides, so it has two equal sides? But I can also create a pentagon with exactly 2 equal sides? Not sure what you are looking for? Well, any 5 sided shape is a pentagon. And like the above states, a pentagon with exactly 2 equal sides can be created. So, the is a pentagon.

How many bases does a pentagon have?

a pentagon is a 5 sided figure so 5 (if you mean sides, not bases)

What is the name of an 5 sided figure?

A 5 sided figure is called a: pentagon

What is a 5 sided and is a closed figure?

A pentagon is a 5 sided, closed figure.

What polygon has 5 sides and 5 angles that are all equal length?

It is a regular 5 sided pentagon.

Must a regular pentagon have 5 equal sides?

In short, yes. A regular pentagon is a 5 sided regular polygon. A regular polygon has all equal sides. So a regular pentagon has 5 equal sides.

What is a 5 sided?

A 5-sided figure is a 'pentagon'.

What is a 5 sided figure with none of the sides parallel?

Pentagon, or pentahedron if it's a 3-D figure rather than a plane figure.

Can a parallelogram have 5 sides why or why not?

No, because a parallelogram is a kind of quadrilateral - a FOUR sided plane figure.

What isthe name of a 5 sided figure?

A 5-sided figure is called a pentagon.

What is the only regular 5 sided shape called?

In 2 dimensions, a regular 5 sided figure is a pentagon. In 3 dimensions, there is no regular sided 5 sided figure. The tetrahedron is a regular 4 sided figure and a cube is a regular 6 sided figure.

What is a 2 dimensional closed figure with 5 equal sides?

a pentagon

How do you draw a pentogon?

Draw polygonal figure with 5 equal sides.

Which polygon has number of sides is equal to the number of diagonals?

The five sided Polygon has 5 diagonals