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50p+20p+10p+5p+2p+1p =88p

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Q: What 6 coins make 88p?
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What 6 coins make 47cents?

The 6 coins that would be equal to 47 cents, would be one quarter, one dime, two nickels, and two pennies. There is no other way to make this with six coins.

Can you make 25 cents with 6 coins?


How much to send Christmas card to Germany?


What fraction of a pound is 88p?


How do you make 75 cents out of 10 coins?

To make 75 cents out of 10 coins, you need 6 dimes and 3 nickels.

How many 20p coins make 6 pounds?


What is the smallest number of coins needed to make 89p?

50p + 20p + 10p + 5p + 2p +2p = 6 coins

What is the FEWEST number of coins you can use to make 96 cents?


What are the 6 coins that make 40?

two dimes, four nickels

If a bag contains 12 quarters 6 dimes and 18 nickles what is the part-to-whole ratio of dimes to all coins?

dimes : all coins = 6 : 12+6+18 = 6 : 36 = 1×6 : 6×6 = 1 : 6 Dimes are ⅙ of all coins.

What three coins make 56 cents with 8 coins total?

1 quarter, 6 nickels, and 1 penny equal 56 cents.

How many coins will make a dollar with 6 coins?

5 of 10 Cents = $0.50 1 of 50 Cents = $0.50 6 total = $1.00

Rod has 20 coins having the value of 6 What coins does he have?

My soul mate helped me figure this one out. It takes (4) .50 coins and (16) quarters to make $6.00.

What are 6 coins that make 40 cents?

Two dimes, four nickels

How do you make 10 cents with 6 coins?

One nickel and five pennies.

How do you make one dollar out of 14 coins?

8 nickels and 6 dimes

What kind of 6 coins make 23 cents?

a dime, two nickels and three pennies

How do you make 59 cents with 6 coins?

fifty cent piece ,a nickel and four pennies

How can you make change with 7 coins to make 40 cents?

6 nickels one dime

What 6 coins make 1?

3 quarters, 2 dimes, 1 nickel

What nine coins make thirty-three cent?

6 nickels and 3 pennies

Using coins how do you make 1.56?

6 quarters, 1 nickel and 1 penny.

If you could ONLY use 15 coins how many combinations can you make 1.00 with?


How do you make 1.20 with 6 coins?

4 quarters and 2 dimes would do the trick.

How make a dollar out of 6 coins?

3 quarters 1 nickel and 2 dimes