What 7 coins mack up 25 cents?

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Two dimes and five pennies.

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Q: What 7 coins mack up 25 cents?
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How do you make 25 cents with 7 coins?

How do you make up 25 cents worth 7

What 4 coins make 60 cents?

You can make 60 cents using the following coins: 3 quarters (25 cents each) 1 dime (10 cents) 1 nickel (5 cents) 1 penny (1 cent)Altogether these 4 coins add up to 60 cents.

How can 25 coins equal 50 cents?

25 x 2 cent coins = 50 cents. What dude who answered question up there -------^ WTF?? theres no such thing as a 2 cent coin!! unless you know something i dont yeah

What is the value of a 1946 wheat penny worth in 2011?

6-19-11>>> So common most are worth 3 cents up to a dime for circulated coins with uncirculated coins at 25 to 50 cents

What 6 coins make up 52cents?

Simple... 25+10+10+5+1+1 = 52 cents !

Two Coins add Up to 35 cents and one of them is not a quarter What Are Two Coins?

a Dime. 10 cents

Value of a 1925 s penny?

Average coins run about 25 cents to $1.00 but an uncirculated coin is $70.00 on up depending on grade

What 3 coins make up 25 cents and one is not a nickel?

You need two dimes and a nickel. (It only says one is not a nickel.)

What two coins add up to 35 cents?

A quarter and a dime

What 5 coins equal 85 cents?

3 quarters & 2 nickels

How many coins equal 40?

Three coins add up to 40 cents: a quarter, a dime, and a nickel.

What 13 coins make up 35 cents?

Two dimes, a nickel, and 10 pennies. A good question is how do you figure that out. I started out eliminating the coins that could not be included. If one coin was a quarter, the other 12 had to add up to 10 cents. That can't happen so there can't be any quarters in the answer. Then I knew that the number of pennies had to be 0, 5, or 10 since there is no way for the remaining dimes and nickels to to add up to 35 cents if there were another number of pennies. If you had 5 pennies, then 8 coins would have to add up to 30 cents. Even using all nickels would only use up 6 coins so there had to be more pennies. I then went to 10 pennies and that left 3 coins to get to 25 cents. That's where I came up with 2 dimes, 1 nickel, and 10 pennies.

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