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a fraction is part of the whole...

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Q: What A part of a whole?
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Related questions

What represents a part of a whole?

Part of a whole is any fraction there of. A half is a part of a whole and so on.

How do you divide a whole into 1 equal part?

When you divide a whole into 1 equal part, the whole is the one and only equal part

What is part to whole?

necessary as part of whole

What is a ratio that compares a part of the whole to another part of the whole?

A Part-to-part ratio

What shows the part of a whole?

a fraction is part of the whole...

What names a part of a whole is what?

A part of a whole is a fraction.

It is part of a whole?

A fraction is part of a whole number.

A way of representing part of a whole or part of a group by telling the number of equal parts in the whole?

a number that names a part of a whole or part of a group

What does math term part to whole mean?

A part to whole is, essentially, a ratio. 2:10 is a ratio---it could also be 2(the part) to 10(the whole). The part is how much the part is in comparison to the whole-1/2 could be the part, while 1 is the whole.

What is the definition of part-to-whole-ratio?

Part-to-whole-ratio is defined as the relationship between part of something and the whole of it. For instances if there are 10 apples and you get 3, this is said to be 3:10 which is a part-to-whole ratio.

Part of a whole in math?

A part of a whole in math is a fraction.

Where do you place the whole number when comparing a part to a whole?

when comparing a part to a whole in fractions you would put the whole as the denominator: 1/4 would be one part of 4.

What is synedoche?

a type of metaphor in which the part stands for the whole, or the whole for a part

How do you find part if you have whole and percent?

Part = Whole*Percent/100

What Part of a whole is represented by a percent that is 100?

The whole part - all of it.

When was Part of the Whole created?

Part of the Whole was created in 2006-08.

Which best explains the term synecdoche?

A figure of speech that refers to a whole by its part

Is 1.25 a integer?

No. An integer is a whole number, but it has a decimal part.

What is the figure of speech used as whole of a part or part of a whole?

That's synecdoche.

What is a number that has a whole number part and a fraction part is a?

a number that has a whole number

If the whole is 8 and the part is 8 then what is the other number?

the whole is 8. one part is 3. what is the other part?

Which is the integral part of a mixed fraction?

That refers to the whole number to the left of the fractional part.

When are decimals used?

decimals are used when you have part of a whole for examle .362598798 is part of a whole

How do you add a whole number and a mixed number?

Add the whole number to the whole part of the mixed number. For example, 3 + 2 and 1/2 = 5 and 1/2. The fractional part is separate from the whole part.

Which circumcision is better part of whole?