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how are alpha and confidence interval related

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Q: What Confidence interval is 0.05 alpha?
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If you have a 99 confidence interval what would your confidence level and alpha for it be?

Confidence level 99%, and alpha = 1%.

Why confidence interval useful?

Why confidence interval is useful

What happens to the confidence interval if you increase the confidence level?

The confidence interval becomes wider.

The width of a confidence interval is equal to twice the value of the margin of error?

No. The width of the confidence interval depends on the confidence level. The width of the confidence interval increases as the degree of confidence demanded from the statistical test increases.

What is the most controllable method of increasing the precision of or narrowing the confidence interval?

Confidence intervals represent an interval that is likely, at some confidence level, to contain the true population parameter of interest. Confidence interval is always qualified by a particular confidence level, expressed as a percentage. The end points of the confidence interval can also be referred to as confidence limits.

What happens to the confidence interval as the mean decreases?

The confidence interval is not directly related to the mean.

What happens to the confidence interval if you increase the sample size?

The confidence interval becomes smaller.

Is confidence interval and confidence limits are same thing?

no,these are not the same thing.The values at each end of the interval are called the confidence limits.

What does a confidence interval for a population mean constructed from sample data show?

A confidence interval of x% is an interval such that there is an x% probability that the true population mean lies within the interval.

What happens to the width of the confidence interval when you are unable to get a large sample size?

The width of the confidence interval increases.

Is a 95 percent confidence interval for a mean wider than a 99 percent confidence interval?

No, it is not. A 99% confidence interval would be wider. Best regards, NS

If you have constructed the confidence interval 1200.058 1448.603 and the values are in thousands is it considered to be a good confidence interval or is it too large?

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What is confidence associated with an interval estimate is called the?

confidence level

How do you find The margin of error for the confidence interval is?

Generally speaking an x% confidence interval has a margin of error of (100-x)%.

Is it better to have a wide confidence interval or a narrow confidence interval?

Narrow because there is less of a chance for people to mess up

When the confidence interval is wider than a prediction interval?

That, my friend, is not a question.

What is the Z value for 91 percent confidence interval estimation?

The Z-value for a one-sided 91% confidence interval is 1.34

What does a 95 percent confidence interval tell you about the population proportion?

There is a 95% probability that the true population proportion lies within the confidence interval.

What is Confidence Intervals of Interval Estimate?

An open interval centered about the point estimate, .

In a confidence interval what information does the margin of error provide?

The confidence interval consists of a central value and a margin of error around that value. If it is an X% confidence interval then there is a X% probability that the true value of the statistic in question lies inside the interval. Another way of looking at it is that if you took repeated samples and calculated the test statistic each time, you should expect X% of the test statistics to fall within the confidence interval.

True or False The higher the confidence level the narrower the confidence interval?


What happens to the width of the confidence interval if you decrease the confidence level?

The width reduces.

Is a confidence interval of 1.02-1.41 significant?


What happens to the confidence interval as the standard deviation of a distribution increases?

The standard deviation is used in the numerator of the margin of error calculation. As the standard deviation increases, the margin of error increases; therefore the confidence interval width increases. So, the confidence interval gets wider.

Why do you use confidence intervals?

Statistical estimates cannot be exact: there is a degree of uncertainty associated with any statistical estimate. A confidence interval is a range such that the estimated value belongs to the confidence interval with the stated probability.