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796 Athletic & outdoor sports & games

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Q: What Dewey decimal number has sports books?
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What is a Dewey decimal number?

The "Dewey Decimal System" is a way to categorize books in a library. The Dewey decimal number is a number assigned to each book so that books on similar topics are kept together.

What Dewey decimal number is given to you i spy books?


What is the classification of nonfiction books in a library by number?

the Dewey system Non-fiction books are indexed with the Dewey Decimal System.

What type of books are given the Dewey decimal number 813.54?


The classification of nonfiction books in a library by number?

Dewey Decimal System

In the Dewey decimal system do books about sports and games are found in 200-299?

No 796's

Who invented the Dewey decimal system?

The Dewey Decimal Classification, or Dewey Decimal System, was created by Melvil Dewey in 1876 as a way of organizing books in a library.

Why was the Dewey decimal system made?

the Dewey decimal system was made so it would be easier to find books.

What did Melvil Dewey contribute?

Melville Dewey invented the Dewey Decimal System to shelve books by subject.

What are the classification system of books?

the Dewey decimal system

Who wrote the Dewey Decimal System for odering library books in 1876?

Melvil Dewey

Where is a library classification number on a book?

Books in a library are usually classified using the Dewey-Decimal system

What is the Dewey system?

The Dewey Decimal System is a method for classifying and categorising books. Particularly in a library.

Why did melvil Dewey create the system for?

The Dewey Decimal System for organizing books within a library.

How are books arranged in their system in Dewey decimal system?

By 99

Are all books in the Dewey decimal system non-fiction?


What is the arrangement of books in the library on school?

The Dewey Decimal System

Is there a book that can teach me white magic or just sorcery?

Yes, several. How to find them: Go to your local library. The non-fiction section will be sorted by Dewey decimal number. Books on magic(k) have the Dewey decimal number 133.43.

What is Dewey number for Romanian language?

The Dewey number is for books not for languages. Books about Romanian language are in the class 459.

What is the arrangement of books in school library?

The books are arranged according to the Dewey Decimal System.

In the Dewey Decimal System are books 700 to 799 about sports?

The 700s are Arts and Recreation. Sports, as well as art, music, drama, games, and crafts are located in the 700s. Hobbies done in one's leisure time can be found in this Dewey section.

Who made the method by which library books are cataloged?

Melvile Dewey, hence the name, the Dewey Decimal System.

What is the reference location of legend in Dewey decimal classification system?

The Dewey Decimal Classification is a system that libraries use to classify books. They are grouped in order of the type of books, using a numeric code. The reference location of legend in Dewey decimal classification system is 753

Do libraries still use the Dewey decimal system?

Yes. Libraries still use the Dewey Decimal system to organize books and help people easily find their favorite books.

In the Dewey decimal system what numbers are assigned to books on philosophy?