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  1. The existence of legislation is essentially de jure whereas customary law exists de facto.
  2. Legislation grows out of the theoretical principles but customary law grows out of practise and long existence.
  3. legislation as a source is historically much latter as compared to customary law which is oldest form of law.
  4. Legislation is an essential characteristic of modern society whereas the customary law has developed through primitive society.
  5. legislation is complete, precise, written in form and easily accessible,whereas customary law is mostly unwritten and is difficult to trace.
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Q: What Difference between customary law and common law?
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What is the difference between customary law and indigenous law?


What is the difference between customary and common law?

Customary law is based on customs and traditions of a particular community, often passed down orally, whereas common law is based on judicial decisions and precedent established by courts. Customary law is specific to a particular community, while common law is more standardized and applies broadly within a jurisdiction.

What has the author Hezron Randa written?

Hezron Randa has written: 'Problems of interaction between English imposed system of law and Luo customary law in Kenya' -- subject- s -: Common law, Customary law, Law, Luo - Kenya and Tanzania -

What is a customary law that develops from and is followed in situations not covered by?

Common Law

Difference between common law and equity?

common law also make by artificially and equity make atumetically

What happens when a court has no applicable statute?

1. What is the difference between common law and case law ?

What kind of legal system is practiced in nigeria?

Combination of English common law, customary law and Islamic law

What kind of law develops from judges' decisions and becomes a part of customary law?

Common law. Common law is not as binding as statutory law and can be overturned by a higher court or a later court.

What is the difference between statutory law and custom law?

Statutory law is created by legislatures through the passage of statutes and is enforced by the government. Customary law, on the other hand, is based on traditions and practices within a community and is enforced through social norms and expectations. While statutory law is formal and written, customary law is informal and unwritten.

What are the four basic legal traditions?

The four basic legal traditions are common law, civil law, religious law, and customary law. Common law is derived from judicial decisions. Civil law is based on codified statutes. Religious law is based on religious texts and teachings. Customary law is based on long-standing customs and practices.

Why does the repugnance test affront to customary law?

Customary law

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