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Q: What Does Switched 12v plus mean?
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What does plus 12V mean?

Plus twelve volts if you're in physics.

What does 12V mean?

Plus twelve volts if you're in physics.

Difference between constant 12V and Switched 12V?

12V Constant = Constant power direct from battery. 12V Switched = Accessory power only when turned to the on/accessory position (example: car stereo only turns on when the car is running or in accessory position).

How do you wire a automatic choke to a 1970 Mustang?

I terminal on the selonoid, you need a switched 12V for auto choke

What wire does the illumination dimmer wire connect to?

12v switched source. such as headlight switch or dimmer on the dash.

Why does my CD player only work when i hook the red and yellow wire together?

Memory (+12v Constant)Yellow should have power with the key offIgnition (+12v Switched)Red should only have power with key on

Putting a aftermarket radio in a 2000 sable?

Go to Circuit City and get a harness kit! You will need the harness kit that is available at Best Buy and other locations. However, my 2001 VW Cabrio did not have a switched +12V source (source that turns on or off with the ignition key). Without a switched +12V source the radio will remain on when the key is removed from the ignition if you have not manually turned the radio off and your battery will be drained. A switched +12V source is available from the rear defroster switch (black and yellow wire). Connect a wire from this switched +12V source to the red wire of the harness kit. You must also cut or remove the red wire from the socket of the wire harness kit because it will be connected to a non-switched +12V source of your car.

Is it ok to run a fused by-pass 12v supply to the fuel pump to start the engine?

i would not recommend it. that will have your fuel pump at a constant run when the ignition is switched on.

What happens if you place 12v 80ah in the place of 12v 7ah?

the 80ah battery will give out power for longer without being charged in the case of a car it means it would take longer before the batery would run flat from leaving something switched on

4v-7 plus 8v plus 4-5?

4v-7+8v+4-5 - add the like terms =12v-8 12v and 8 cannot be subtracted because they are not like terms. Like terms have the same variable.

What does 3.5 liter 12v mean on Chevy impalas?


What color is positive and negative?

Typically in 12v aftermarket equipment, Red is 12v positive (+) switched, Yellow is 12v constant and Black is negative (-) But there is no standard. OEM (original equipment Manufacturer) Factory equipment uses different colors for different manufacturers. Red, Yellow and Black have no relationship to + or - and may or may not be power wires. Never wire anything without an installation wiring diagram.