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Nu is the symbol for frequency, which looks like a lowercase v.

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Q: What Greek letter is the symbol for frequency?
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What is the symbol for frequency?

It is the Greek Letter "nu" which is "v". It looks like the English letter "v".

What is the symbol for Daedalus in Greek Mythology?

The Greek letter delta is Daedalus' symbol. Δ

What logo has an ohm symbol?

The Greek letter, 'omega'. This is equivalent to the English letter, 'O'.

Where does the theta symbol originate from?

The symbol of "Theta" originates from Ancient Greece it is the 8th letter of the Greek alphabet, it has the Greek numeral value of 9. In maths, the lower case theta represents a plane angle, while the upper case represents a signal of frequency.

The more energy a wave carries the greater it's blank is?

The more energy a wave carries the greater it's frequency is.E=hvE - energyh - Planck's constantv - frequency (the real symbol is actually the lowercase greek letter "Nu")

What does the symbol for pi represent in greek?

The symbol for pi (π), is the Greek letter that is the equivalent to the Roman p. It is the Greek letter pi. It is the first letter of the Greek word περίμετρος (perimetros) from which our word perimeter comes.

What is autosum symbol?

The autosum symbol is Sigma, a letter in the greek alphabet.

What is the symbol for viscosity?

The symbol of viscosity is greek letter mu η.

What Hebrew and Greek symbol is the letter x in the Bible?

The Greek symbol x is pronounced chi, and it's a symbol of Jesus. There is no Hebrew character that looks like an x.

What is the symbol for change?

It is a Greek Letter Δ.

Is the symbol pi a greek letter?


What is the symbol of wavelength?

The symbol of the wavelength is the lowercase Greek letter "lambda" = λ.