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meter stick

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Q: What Instrument is used to measure length in metric units 2 WORDS?
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How do you measure an oval shape?

An oval has two perpendicular axes, one longer and one shorter. In other words, an oval has a maximum length and a minimum length. You can measure both.

What unit of measurement would you use to measure the length of a skateboard?

sorry i press the wrong words the anwer is gram * * * * * A gram is a measure of mass, not of length! I would use a centimetre.

What rhymes with metric?

Words that rhyme with metric are electric and centric.

How many words does measure for measure has?

measure for measure has how many words? measure for measure maniy

What words are based on ten?


What eight letter instrument is used to measure wind?

The ten letter word in an Anemometer, unless you are thinking of Wind Vane (which is two words)

What is a sentence for length?

sentence length is when you either use a long or a short sentence/ or amount of words to best describe or put across you point of view or as a story.

What other words are based on ten?


What instrument measures walking distance?

Podometerwell there are pedometers that count your steps if that helpsThe device is the "pedometer" from the Greek words ped(foot) and métron (measure).

What words are in insrument?

in ment or in the word instrument

An example of lyric?

An instrument or music words.

What is the difference between a cm and an inch?

A cm (centimeter) and an inch are both measures of length or distance. The centimeter is a unit of length in the metric system. A centimeter is about 2.54 times smaller than one inch. In other words one inch equals 2.54 centimeters.

What is a sentence using the words metric system?

The United States is the only country in the world not to adopt the metric system for measurement.

What words end with suffix -Gram?

Words in the metric system that are measuring mass ends in gram.

What is wordlenth?

The length of a document, in words.

How long are the longest words that can be made from the notes of a musical instrument?

The longest words that you can play, or "spell", using an musical instrument are eight letters long.There are only two, eight letter words which can be spelt on a musical instrument, using its notes.The first is cabbaged. The second is fabaceae.

What does thermometer mean?

A thermometer is an instrument for measuring heat. The word thermometer is a combination of two words from the Greek: thérmē, meaning heat, and métron, meaning measure.

What instrument had Mendelssohn written Song Without Words for?

'Song Without Words' was written for piano.

What is used to measure something that is not straight - two words?

Tape measure

What are 6 letter words starting with n and is a musical instrument?


What are words placed in front of the basic units of the metric system?

Prefices (singular = prefix)

What is the Welsh words for weigh and measure?

In welsh weigh is pwyso and measure is mesuro.

How many pages does 1250 words equal to?

well it depends on the length of the words

How can a set of measurements be precise without being accurate?

Precision has to do with the ability of your measuring instrument. For example, a ruler may be able to measure down to maybe 1 mm. A caliper, on the other hand, is a much more precise measuring instrument and may be able to measure to hundreds or thousandths of a millimeter. Accuracy has to do with how close your measurement is to the actual value. For example, you may measure the diameter of a penny with a caliper (a very precise instrument) and report your result as 2.1023 mm (an obviously incorrect - but very precise - value) because you don't know how to read the caliper. In other words, your measurement of the penny is precise but not accurate.

Why do you use squares to measure surface area and cubes to measure volume?

Imagine drawing a square on a piece of paper. Obviously, this drawing is in 2-D because although the picture has length and width, it has no height, or in other words, does not occupy space in the 3-D world. However, the cube is in 3-D. It has all the properties of a three-dimensional object: it has length, it has width, and it has height. The cube occupies space throughout our world and is therefore a three-dimensional object. Surface area is in 2-D. When we measure surface area, we do not measure thickness, or height. We only measure the length and width. Similarly, because the square has length and width but not height, it is used to measure surface area. Volume, however, is in 3-D. When we measure volume, we also measure the space it occupies in our world. Similarly, the cube occupies space through our world. How could you draw a cube with a square when it has no thickness??? Therefore, we use squares to measure surface area and cubes for volume.