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An eighth is 0.125

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Q: What Is it a Eighth note as a decimal?
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What is eighth note as a decimal?

an eighth note or a quavier is worth 1/2 a beat in the bar so the decimal is 0.5

What is the decimal for eighth tenths?

decimal for eighth tenths = 0.8

What is the value of an eighth note have?

Strangely enough, an eighth note is one eighth of a whole note.

What is half of an eighth note?

Half of an eighth note is a sixteenth note.

What does a eighth note sound like?

what does a eighth note make

What does a quarter note plus a eighth note equal?

A quarter note is two eighth notes, so a quarter note and an eighth note would make three eighth (or one and a half quarter) notes.

How many quarter notes in a eighth note?

half a quarter note is one eighth note

Does one eighth note equal one whole note?

No. One eighth note equals one eighth of a whole note. Two eighth notes equal a quarter note, and four quarter notes make one whole note.

How many counts does an eighth note get?

An eighth note is worth half a beat.

What are the notes for ironman on the trombone?

I'm not sure how to explain this in words, but I play it as:Bb (half note), Db (half note), Db (quarter note), two quarter note Eb's, (quarter rest), Gb (eighth note), F (eighth note), Gb (eighth note), F (eighth note), Gb (eighth note), F(eighth note), Db (quarter note), Db (quarter note), Eb (quarter note) and Eb (half note).Repeat if desired.Hope that helps?

Is a musical quarter note longer than an eighth note?

A quarter note is twice as long than an eighth note,

What is longer eighth note or half note?

Half note. four times longer than the eighth note to be exact

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