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The Lorentz force, in electromagnetism, is the effect of electric and magnetic forces which act on a point charge moving through electric and magnetic fields.

The Lorentz force can be found in scientific apparatus such as particle accelerators, mass spectrometers and magnetrons. More day-to-day equipment are electric motors, loudspeakers and electrical generators.

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Q: What Lorentz force and its application?
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When electric field and magnetic field are mutually perpendicular then what is the lorentz force?

In general, the Lorentz force is [ F = q(E + v x B) ].

Is Lorentz force only experienced by moving particles?

No. The vectorial definition of Lorentz force isF = q[E + (v x B)]If a particle has no velocity, then the cross product of the velocity vector and the magnetic field vector is the null vector, but there will still be a Lorentz force if there is an electric field.For a particle not to experience Lorentz force, it must either not be electrically charged and/or not be put in an electromagnetic field with a certain velocity.

How is the magnetic force like centripetal force?

If a charged particle moves in a magnetic field then Lorentz magnetic force acting will be perpendicular to its movement and so the particle will be taken along a curved path. Lorentz force will be towards the centre of the curved path. Any force facing towards the centre of the curved path is named as centre seeking or centripetal force.

Force of pushing or pulling between magnetic poles?

This is the Electromagnetic force. (Technically, it's the Lorentz force, which is the force on a charge due to an electromagnetic field, but either will do.)

What is point and plane of application of force?

point of application of force is the spot where the force is being applied.

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What is a magnet's force called?

A magnet creates a magnetic field, often mistakenly referred to as a magnetic force. The actual force felt by a charged particle in a magnetic field (or electric field) is called the Lorentz force.

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