What Percentage rate is .0038?

Updated: 9/25/2023
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To convert 0.0038 to percent multiply by 100: 0.0038 × 100 = 0.38 %

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Q: What Percentage rate is .0038?
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When caculating the percentage rate?

A percentage can not be a rate.

What is .0038 to the 50Th power?


How do you find the base percentage and rate example numbers?

To find the base, percentage and rateperce ntage = base * rate (rate in decimal)base = percentage/rate (rate in decimal)rate = percentage/base * 100%Example:Base = 10Percentage = 2Rate?Rate = 2/10 * 100% = 20%

How many significant figures are in 0038?

2 of them.

What is rate base and percentage?

a rate is a comparison of something. A percentage is always a comparison to 100.

What does P 0038 mean?

It's a heater control circut

What is the percent rate of change?

The rate of change is the change divided by the original value. This answer, converted to a percentage is the percentage rate of change.

How do you get the rate when the base and percentage is given?

The rate usually is the percentage.

What describes annual percentage rate?

An annual percentage rate is the average percentage change over a period of a year. The percentage change is the change divided by the initial value, expressed as a percentage.

On a 5000 annuity compounded daily what would be the annual percentage rate?

Depends on the daily percentage rate.

What describes a annual percentage rate?

A measure of the cost of credit expressed as a yearly interest rate.

How do you calculate the percentage of raise?

To calculate the percentage of a raise: Determine the difference between your new pay rate and your old: New (higher) pay rate - Old (lower) pay rate = Difference Then divide the difference by your old rate and multiply by 100 to get the percentage. (Difference/Old pay rate) * 100 = Percentage of raise