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Q: What Some caviar sells for more than a hundred dollars an once what is caviar?
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Why does caviar cost so much?

Currently 1 ounce of Beluga caviar is about $200. However it is banned from entrance into the United States. Beluga caviar is fairly expensive. An ounce normally goes for about $150 and a pound runs about $2400. is a good place to get Beluga.

Caviar do you eat it raw or cooked?

Caviar is consumed raw. The best time to eat caviar is for breakfast. We prepare a piece of toast with some butter on it and put a small amount of caviar on it Full details are in the link below Also, the minimum daily consumption of caviar is 10 grams.

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A Chunk

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Eight Hundred and Forty Dollars (Some people write it this way though... i think its pointless to include the cents) Eight Hundred Forty Dollars and Zero Cents

What are some Politics and world events in 1850?

chicken and caviar

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A hundred dollars will not get you prison, but it will get you into trouble and some sort of punishment.

What do russia make for the US?

Vodka, some aircraft, caviar, furs, fuels