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Everything. At least everything weighed outside the US. Officially the United states is the only country in the world that has not adopted grams to express the weight of things.

In practice in some countries still especially older people weigh things in outdated systems like ounces or pounds (lbs).

1000 grams = 1 kilogram (or 1 kg). That makes it easier to express larger weights, like the weight of your body or of a car.

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Q: What Things measured in gram?
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Is a gram measured in kilograms?

A gram is measured in grams. A kilogram is measured in kilograms.

Is a coin is measured in gram or kilograms?


Is the magnitude of force measured in grams or newtons?

Force is measured in newton. Gram is a unit of mass, not of force.Force is measured in newton. Gram is a unit of mass, not of force.Force is measured in newton. Gram is a unit of mass, not of force.Force is measured in newton. Gram is a unit of mass, not of force.

How many capsules equals 1 gram of cinnamon?

Capsules are not measured in grams, capsules can measure different things by depending on what is filling them.

Is solubility Measured in grams of solute per gram of solution?

Solubility may be measured in grams of solute per gram of SOLVENT (not solution)

HHow many calories exactly from 1 gram carbohydrate?

Carbs and calories are two completely different things. They cannot be measured into/by eachother.

What is a unit of mass measured in?


Does a orange weigh grams or kilograms?

The weight on an individual orange would be measured in grams.

Is a tractor measured in gram or kilogram?


What objects weigh 1 tenth of a gram?

A gram is a unit for measuring mass, not weight. Weight is measured in Newtons.

Is sensity measured in grams?

I have no idea what "sensity" means. Gram is a measure of mass. If you mean "density", that is measured in gram / cubic centimeter - or some similar measure of mass / volume.

How many grams in one tablespoon feta cheese?

.... I measured 6 Grams /15 calories /with 0.2 of a gram of carbohydrate

In the SI system mass can be measured in?

gram (g)

Is a plastic cup measured in grams or kilograms?


How is mass measured according to the metric system?

Mass is measured in kilograms. fractions of a kilogram are gram and milligram.

Which metric units would you use to measure the volume of a carton of milk?

That is usually measured in liters.

What is area Weight unit?

Area is measured in square unit. Weight is measured in gram, kilogram etc.

Is a bicycle measured in grams or kilograms?

A bicycle would be measured in kilograms.

What types of liquids are measured in grams?

any type of liquid could be measured in terms of grams, because a gram is a measurement of weight

What is the unit of measure for mass of strawberries?

Strawberries would be measured in grams or ounces.

What is measured in grams of solute per gram of solution?


How much do cheerios weigh?

about 1/12 of a gram actually i measured it myself

Is a gram measuring weight or mass?

Gram is a measure of mass. Since weight is a force, in the old cgs (centimeter-gram-second) system of units, it would be measured in dynes.

Does gram measure mass?

"Gram" is a unit of mass, although most often it is measured by way of the weight it exerts in a gravitational field.

What are Samples of things that could be measured?

all solid things could be measured