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a scalene triangle has all its side unequal

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Q: What Type Of Triangle Has All 3 Sides Unequal?
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Which type of triangle always has all its sides and angles unequal?

scalene triangle

What is the name of a triangle with 3 unequal sides?

This triangle is called a scalene triangle. All its sides and angles are unequal.

How can you look at the lengths of the sides of a triangle and determine what type of triangle it is by its sides?

If all 3 sides are equal: Equilateral Triangle If 2 sides are equal: Isosceles Triangle If all 3 sides are unequal/different: Scalene Triangle

What type of triangle has all three sides unequal scalene right or isosceles?


Characteristics of a scalene triangle?

All its sides are unequal, all its angles are unequal.

What is a triangle with sides of unequal length called?

A scalene triangle (all unequal side length's).

What is the name of a three sided shape that has three unequal sides?

A congruent triangle is a triangle with all its sides being unequal to each other.

What is anscalene triangle?

All three sides are unequal in length.

What are the properties of a scalene triangle?

there is no line of symmetry. all the 3 sides are unequal. all angle are not equal. A scalene triangle has 3 unequal sides and 3 different angles that add up to 180 degrees.

What triangle has all three sides unequal?

Scalene TrianglesA scalene triangle has no sides of equal length. Its angles are also all different in size.

Are all sides equal in a scalene triangle?

No, all sides are UNEQUAL. Nope, all different. All sides equal would be equilateral which means "equal sides"

What is a triangle with unequal sides?

If no two sides of a triangle have the same length, then the figure is called a "scalene" triangle. Some (but not all) scalene triangles are also right triangles.