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It is not a 3D shape.

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Q: What a 3d shape is a parallelogram?
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Related questions

Is a rhombus a 3D shape?

No, a rhombus is a 2D shape. It is a parallelogram in which all sides are of equal length.

What 3D shape has identical faces and some others that are parallelograms?

There is no shape which has identical parallelogram faces.

What is a 3d parallelogram?

A 3d parallelogram is called a "Parallelepiped"

What is a 3D parallelogram called?

A 3d parallelogram is called a "Parallelepiped"

What 3 d shape has 4 sides?

a parrollellogram * * * * * No, a parrollollogram - or even a parallelogram - is not a 3d shape! The correct answer is a tetrahedron or a triangle based pyramid.

What 3d shape has 2 opposite identical faces and some other faces which are parallelogram?

A skew triangular prism.

What is the name of a 3d parallelogram?


What is a 3D quadrilateral parallelogram?

A parallelopiped.

What does a parallelogram in 3d look like?

It's the same shape as one of those pink school erasers. I hope you can picture it.

What shape is a parallelogram but not a quadrilateral?

A shape that is a parallelogram but not a quadrilateral doesn't exist.

Is a parallelogram 2D or 3D?

A parallelogram is a 2D figure with two parallel sides

What is a net shape in a 3d shape?

It depends on the 3d shape.

Is a parallelogram sometimes a square?

It can be if it is a 3d cube

How many sides does a shape have to have to be a parallelogram?

A shape must have 4 sides in order to be a parallelogram (minus other defining characteristics a shape must have to be a parallelogram).

What shape is a parallelogram?

A parallelogram is a 4 sided quadrilateral

Is a pyramid a 2D shape or a 3D shape?

a pyramid is a 3D shape :)

What 3D shape is a tire?

what 3d shape is a tyre

Is a square an 3d shape?

is a square a 3d shape

Is a camera 3d shape?

A camera is a 3D shape. A photograph is a 2D projection of a 3D shape onto a 2D shape.

What is a parallelogram not a square pictures?

a parallelogram is any shape that has 4 sides unless it says a certain type of parallelogram then you draw that shape.

Is a piece of paper a 2D shape or a 3D shape?

Paper is a 3D object.

Is a diamond a 2D shape or a 3D shape?


What is a parallelogram shape with no sides?

By definition, a parallelogram has four sides. There is no other type of parallelogram.

Is a parallelogram an irregular shape?


What does a parallelogram prism look like?

A parallelogram prism (or parallelpiped) is a 3D parallelogram, so it looks like a cuboid pushed to the side.