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There is no specific name. -3 is greater than -4 and (-3)/(-4) = 3/4 is a positive proper fraction. 3 is greater than -4 and 3/(-4) = -3/4 is a negative proper fraction. 3 is greater than -2 and 3/(-2) = -3/2 is a negative improper fraction. 4 is greater than 3 and 4/3 is a positive improper fraction. Thus, the fraction can be negative or positive, proper or improper.

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Q: What a fraction that has a numerator that's larger than the denominator?
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What does it mean when the numerator goes over the denominator?

It means, that is a fraction! But, when the numerator is larger than the denominator, Its an Improper fraction! When the fraction looks like this, ex: 5 and 3/9, its a mixed number. And thats the magical wonderland of Math!

What is a fraction in which the numerator is larger than the denominator?

Its an improper fraction...which looks like this: 3/2 or 8/3 or 5/2 and many many more :) The way you turn an improper fraction into a mixed fraction (mixed number) is by seeing how many times the denominator goes into the nuerator the number you get is your whole then the remainder is your numerator and the denominator from the improper fraction will be the same denominator in your mixed fraction(mixed number is the same thing as mixed fraction) EXAMPLE: 3/2 2 goes into 2 once so thats my whole: 1 then 1 is left over because 2x1=2 so thats my new numerator then the denominator stays the same so your mixed fraction(mixed number) is 1 1/2

How do you change a percent into a ratio?

Put the percent over 100 to make a fraction. Then simplify the fraction and you have the ratio. ex.) 1. 50% 2. 50/100 (thats the fraction 50 over 100) 3. 1/2 (I divided both the numerator and denominator both by 50) 4. 1:2 (thats your ratio)

How do I work out fractions as percentages?

times the denominator by a number to get to a hundred then times the numerator by the same number. the final faction that you get, take the numerator and add a percentage sign and thats your percentage

How do you subtract a mixed number and a fraction?

take the denominator from the mixed number and multiply it by the whole number on the mixed number. take your answer and add the numerator from the mixed number. take your answer and make it the numerator of a new fraction,but take the old denominator from the mixed number and make that the new denominator.take your new fraction and try to get a common denominator with the other fraction. when they both have the same denominator then sounds complicated, i know. example:1 1/3 - 2/6, then turn the mixed number to 4/3 by following the steps. so now you have 4/3 - 2/6. Then multiply 4/3 x 2/2 so you get 8/6. now you subtract, 8/6 - 2/6 = 6/6. but 6/6 equals 1,so thats an answer.

When you add fractions do they have to have the same denominator?

Yes you have to add with the same denominator. when ever you do fractions they have to have the same denominator no matter what. So thats a yes

How do you add the top number of the unlike fraction?

You find the least common denominator and then you see how many times the denominator of the actual fraction goes into it, then you multiply that by how many times it goes into the least common denominator, then you just do it for the other fraction as well, example:6/9+3/7= The least common denominator is 56 bcuz 9 and 7 dont go into eachother, then you find how many times 9 goes into 56: which is 7 so you multiply it by 6 and you have 56/56= 1 whole, so thats the first fraction and you do the same thing to the nextYou can go to YouTube to find GREAT videos!Josh W.

How do you change 9 into a fraction?

you really cant change nine to a fraction at least thats what I know

What does .9 equals as a fraction?

9 over 10 thats means 9 divide by 10 and thats your answer

What is 1.58333333333 as a fraction?


How do you change a fraction into a percent?

you divide the top number into the bottom and thats how you get the answer

What is 375 percent as a fraction?

Thats 375/100 = 3.75 times ?

What is 2 2 9 in a inproper fraction?

i dont know thats why i googled it

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How do you write fractions as a mixed number?

you write fractions as a mixed number by dividing what ever number thats in the fraction how do you write 0.304 as a fraction?

What fraction is for 93.75?

the fraction is a fraction of one, thats what is to the right of the decimal point, in this case its 0.75 or 75 / 100 (same thing) which simplifies to 3 / 4 so your number is ninety three and three quarters

How do you make 0.64 into a fraction?

first you put it as a fraction: 64/100 then you simplify it by dividing it by 2: 32/50 then you can divide it by 2 again: 16/25 thats your answer

How do you convert percents into fractions with odd numbers?

Any % can be converted to a fraction 26%=26/100 then u see if u can simplify or if u cant then thats the fraction

Do you add the denominator when you add fractions?

No but the denominators must be the same and you just add the numerators. If the denominators are different and you have to find which is greater you have to find a denominator that both numbers can multiply into. For example, 5/6 and 3/12 will be our fractions. 6 times to equals 12. Since 12 is the other denominator 3/12 stays the same. Thats the only time you can change the denominator.

What fraction of 1 meter is 89 cms?

89/100, and i'm nearly sure thats as simplified as it gets

How do you write 25 centimetres as a fraction?

25 cm in fraction form can be 25/1 cm Thats the easiest anywayit can also be 625/25 cm there are many combinations that way

How do you write 0.81 using expanded form using whole number and fraction?

Thats what I'm here to know. Ugh. ^^ _

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Two fifths is larger than three tenths because when you find the LCD (lowest common denominator) between the two, it is 4 tenths (two fifths) and 3 tenths.