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a multiplication fact one number multiplied by another number to create an answer.

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Q: What a multiplication fact is?
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Related questions

What multiplication fact be found be using the arrays 2x9 and 5x9?

7x9 is the multiplication fact that can be found using the arrays 2x9 and 5x9.

Is zero a multiplication fact?

No. A multiplication fact contains two factors being multiplied, like 0x8 or 7x6.

What does multiplication facts mean?

multiplication fact means the truth

make a multiplication fact of the numbers 3122111?

There is only one number. The simplest multiplication fact is 3122111 x 0 = 0There is only one number. The simplest multiplication fact is 3122111 x 0 = 0There is only one number. The simplest multiplication fact is 3122111 x 0 = 0There is only one number. The simplest multiplication fact is 3122111 x 0 = 0

Is the multiplication fact 3 x 3 equals 9 the multiplication fact for 9 divided by 9?

so you say that 3*3 equals 9 but the multiplication fact for it is 9 divide by 9 which would equal 1

What are multiplication facts?

A multiplication fact is a multiplication problem with numbers going up to 12, at most. You are supposed to memorize these during school.

What Multiplication fact has only one division fact?


How can you use multiplication fact to find a division fact?

Let's say the question was 4x5. The answer is 20. If a division question 20 divided by 5, you know its 4 from the multiplication question.

What is the solution to a multiplication fact?


What is the answer in a multiplication fact called?

The solution.

What the basic multiplication fact of 70x4?


If a fact family has only two multiplication and division sentences what do you know about the product and dividend?

If a fact family has only 2 multiplication nd division sentences, what do you know about the product and divident?

How do you know that a multiplication fact is correct?

There are a few ways to determine if a multiplication fact is correct:Repeated addition: since multiplication is simply repeated addition at its base, you can reaffirm a multiplication fact by repeatedly adding the number you're multiplying. With the basic multiplication facts (i.e. times tables), this is possibly the best option.Division: Since it's simply the reverse of multiplication, then you can just reverse the process to confirm it.Using multiple methods: There are multiple ways to do multiplication than just the usual long multiplication done in school, such as lattice multiplication, and Ayurvedic multiplication (just to name the two I know). You can use these to confirm a multiplication.

What multiplication fact equals 14?


What multiplication fact equals 1024?

There is no real multiplucation fact answering to the number 1,024

What does commutative property mean in multiplication?

its the fact family

What multiplication fact has a 4000 as a product?


What multiplication fact equals 120?


What multiplication fact equals 64?

8 times 8 = 64

What multiplication fact can help you find 1 x 9?

A number multiplied by one is itself. This is the Identitiy Property of Multiplication.

What is the fact of 29?

here is one multiplication fact for it... 1and 29=29

Write a multiplication fact you are trying to learn then use your fact to write some fact extensions?

how many [8s] in 400 ?=450

How can you use a multiplication fact to find a division fact?

In general terms, if a*b = c then c/a = b.

What multiplication fact equals 7?

3.5 times 2

What multiplication fact equals 18?

3x6, 9x2, 18x1,