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Homestead Act

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Q: What act provided 160 acres of free public land in the West for five years?
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What did the act do?

Encouraged small farms in the Great Plains Provided incentives for settlers to farm in the West increase farming in the west it gave farmers 160 acres of land

How many acres are in West Virginia?

West Virginia's area is 15,507,000 acres.

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Whom or what gave 160 acres in the west to people who agreed to occupy the land for at least 5 years?

The Homestead Act of 1862 gave the right to farmers who worked a claim of 160 acres for five years.

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West Roxbury, MA covers 2,950.4 acres in total.

How many acres is west virgina?

Virginia covers a total area of 27,375,488 acres.

What of the 1862 offered adult citizens 160 acres of public land in the west if they fulfilled certain requirements?

Homestead Act

The intent of the Homestead Act was to?

The Homestead Act gave acres of western land to anyone who promised to work the land for five years. This encouraged many immigrants to come to the United States and help settle the West.

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What government law that allows states to buy land they had claimed to the west?

public land provided they live on it, improve it, and pay a small registration fee.

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