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If you were born in 1955 your 56th birthday would occur during 2011.

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Q: What age are you when you were born in 1955?
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How old born 1955?

When born, age zero.When born, age zero.When born, age zero.When born, age zero.

How old would I be now if you were born in October 1955?

A person born in 1955 will turn 57 in 2012 but that will have no effect on your age.

What is full retirement age when born in 1955?

66yrs 2months

What is retirement age for someone born in 1955?

If you were born in 1955, full retirement age is two months after your 66th birthday. You can still take early retirement at age 62, but your benefits would be approximately 75% of the amount they would be at full retirement age.

What age was Bill Gates born?

Age zero Different Person: You may be asking what year he was born in, so he was born in October 28, 1955.

Theodore Taylor when did he get his first writing job at what age?

1955 first got a job subtract the age of when he was born that is the age !!!!

What is retirement age if you are born in 1955?

2022, unless the rules change, you will get your first SS check at age 67.

What age is Isla Grant?

Isla is 58. She was born on December 16, 1955.

What is it called when you turn the age of the year that you were born for example Born in 1955 and turn 55?

It is called your "Beddian" birthday! :)

What is the age difference between Hugh Jackman and his wife?

She was born in 1955, and he was born in 1968. SHE is 13 years OLDER than him!!

What is the age of mrbean at present?

Now he's 56 Born at 6 Januari 1955. Wikipedia ;-)

How old is Dana carvey in 2010?

Age: 54 years (born June 2, 1955).

What are the release dates for Stone Age Romeos - 1955?

Stone Age Romeos - 1955 was released on: USA: 2 June 1955

When did Albert Einstein live?

He was born on March 14, 1879.He died on April 18, 1955.Albert Einstein was born March 14, 1879 and died April 18, 1955.Einstien was born on March 14, 1879 and he died on April 15, 1955, at age 76.

When did the inventor of the internet die?

Timothy Berners-Lee, born 8 June 1955 (1955-06-08) is still alive and is only age 53.

What is the age of Bill Nye?

Bill Nye is 52 years old. He was born November 27, 1955.

What is Whoopi Goldberg's age?

Whoopi Goldberg is 58 years old (born November 13, 1955).

What is age Lynne Irene spears?

Britney spears' mom lynne irene spears is born in 1955

What is the year Albert Einstein was born?

Albert Einstein was born in March 14, 1879 and died in April 18, 1955 at the age of 76

Where was Sarah weeks?

March 18, 1955 age 66 years author

What actors and actresses appeared in Age 13 - 1955?

The cast of Age 13 - 1955 includes: Michael Keslin as Andrew

When was Alexander Fleming born and died from what?

Alexander Fleming was born on 6 August 1881 and died of a heart attack on 11 March 1955 at the age of 73.

When was Gary Born born?

Gary Born was born in 1955.

If you are turning age 55 and were born in 1955 does this have any significance or name?

It's called a "Golden Birthday" It would be even more interesting if you were born on October 10th 1955 then you would be 55 from '55 on 10-10-'10.

What age was Matthew Henson when he died?

He was born on Aug. 8, 1866 and died on Mar. 9, 1955, so he was 88 years old.