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A polynomial is one possible answer.

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Q: What algebraic expression has no like terms and no parentheses?
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When an algebraic expression has no like terms and no parentheses what is it called?

algebraic expression like terms

What is an algebraic expression that has no like terms and no parentheses?

A simplified expression.

What is an algebraic expression that has no like terms no parentheses?

A simplified expression.

When an algebraic expression has no like terms and no parentheses is in this form?

It is in its simplified form.

How do you silmplify algebraic expressions?

Multiply out all the brackets (parentheses) and then combine like terms.

What parts of an algebraic expression are added together?

Like terms

What patterns are involved in multiplying algebraic expression?

use parentheses and distribute

Is a binomial an algebraic expression with one term?

It's not. it is an algebraic expression (or a polynomial) containing TWO terms that are not like terms. You can notice it easily in the word itself, "bi" means two.

Write one numerical expression and one algebraic expressionThen explain what the difference between a numerical and algebraic expression is?

Numerical expression: 59-34*6 Algebraic expression: 5x-3x+2 A numerical expression is limited to only numbers and can always be simplified to one number. An algebraic expressuion uses terms, more specifically a variable like x, and a constant like 2.

What does in mean to simplify an algebraic expression by combining like terms?

If you have a expression that goes; 2x + 5x etc etc Simplifying the like terms is 7x 2x and 5x are like terms, but 2y and 2x are not. The variable needs to be the same.

What is the difference between simplifying and evaluating algebraic expressions?

Simplifying an expression is getting rid of any brackets or parentheses, performing as many operations as you can - including combining like terms. To evaluate an expression you would substitute the numerical values of all the variables, carry out all the operations (addition, multiplication etc) in the expression to reach the answer - the numerical value of the expression.

Does an expression have an answer?

A mathematical expression does not have an answer, if it is algebraic and all of the terms are unlike. For example, x+7y does not have an answer because there are no definite solutions, and there is no possibility to combine like terms. However, the expression 2x+7y+3x does have an answer, but the solution is merely the combination of like terms. (5x+7y)