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Q: What amount does each of these parts represent?
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How do you build gundam?

You look at the instructions of the book and there are letters that represent each board of parts.

How many people were listed in the Constitution as the amount each representative would represent?


How do i represent two thirds of four dollars and fifty cents in a diagram?

Divide a figure into three parts. Put 1.50 into each of the parts. Shade in two of them.

What do those parts represent or come from?

what parts?

Write a mixed number in simplest form to represent each number of ounces?

There are an infinite number of ounces and it would require an infinite amount of time to represent each one of them separately.

What parts of the Hardy Weinberg equation represent gene frequency?

The Hardy-Weinberg equation is as follows: p2 + 2pq + q2 = 1 p & q represent the frequencies for each allele.

What does the amount of representation in the motor cortex reflect?

Degree of precise control required by each of the parts

What does each number represent?

Typically a number is used to represent the exact amount of things you are counting. Numbers in telephone numbers actually don't count anything and were just a convenient way to categorize lines.

What are bytes used to represent?

bytes are used to represent the amount of capacity in a memory

How do you get armory parts in Mafia Wars?

2. There are two ways to gain armor parts.(1) The Armory gives you a certain amount of armor parts to use each day.(2) Robbing drops armor parts.

A fraction in which the numerator and denominator represent the same amount but are in different units?

What is a fraction in which the numerator and denominator represent the same amount but are in different units?

How long can a second be split?

Physicists believe it can be divided into approx 1.855*10^43 parts. Each part would then represent a Planck unit of time.