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Depends on the size of the water heater. An average residential water heater will require the use of AWG #10/2 with ground wire on a 240 volt double pole 30 amp breaker.

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Q: What amp breaker do i need for a water heater?
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Can you put a 20amp water pump and a 30 amp water heater on a 50amp breaker?

No, they each need their own breaker of the right amp. Neither of them would cause the breaker to trip if there was a problem.

What amperage braker for a 240 hot water heater?

30 amp breaker

What size circuit breaker for a 50 gallon hot water heater?

35 amp

Why does my gas water heater need to be hooked up to a 30 amp breaker with 220 volts?

I think you need to do some checking, A GAS water heater does not normally need electrical service that large- an ELECTRIC water heater will. So- just what do you have- gas or electric?

What size breaker do you use for a water heater?

i have 30 amp on mine works just fine

How is a hot water heater wired from the power source to the heater?

10/3 wire with 30 amp double pole breaker from panel box to water heater.

What size amp circuit breaker should be used for a hot water tank?

Assuming you are referring to a 240 volt residential hot water heater you will need to install 10/2 NM cable (Romex) with ground from the service panel to the water heater wired to a 30 amp circuit breaker in the service panel. If you cannot see the water heater from the service panel you will need to install a service disconnect at the water heater.

You are putting in a 240 volt 4000 watt heater in a room what size breaker do you need?

20 amp

How do you stop breaker from kicking off when electric heater is on?

try higher amp breaker

What size breaker for 120 volt 2500 watt water heater?

20 amp is perfect, 15 is fine

What size wire and breaker do you need for a 5000 watt garage heater?

Look on the heater and see what amps it is pulling. That will determine the wire size and breaker size. It must be on a dedicated circuit. 15 amps = AWG # 14 wire with 15 amp breaker 20 amps = AWG # 12 wire with 20 amp breaker 30 amps = AWG # 10 wire with 30 amp breaker 40 amps = AWG # 8 wire with 40 amp breaker

What size wire to you run for water heater?

If the water tank is a standard house tank you will need a two conductor #12 cable protected by a two pole 20 amp breaker.

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