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It rotates 25*360 = 9000 degrees.

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Q: What angle in degree does the minute hand of a clock rotates in 25 times?
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After the minute hand of a clock rotates over a period of one hour and twenty five minutes what is the angle that it makes with the starting posistion?

510 degrees

What degree of angle is the clock at 1 o'clock?

At exactly 1 o'clock, the hour hand will be at an angle of 30 degrees, and the minute and second hands will be at an angle of 0 degrees.

How many times do the minute hang and hour hang of a clock make and angle of 90 degree in day?

23 times

What is the size of the largest angle that can be made by the hours and minute hands on a clock?

Technically 364.999 to the Nth degree, since the hands of a clock go in circles, you could view them barely touching as an obtuse angle.

What is a 190 degree angle?

190 degrees is bit more than a straight angle. If you look at a clock face with the minute hand at 312/3 minutes, then going from 12 o'clock to the minute hand makes an angle of 190 degrees.

When the minute hand of the clock rotates 15 minutes what is the degrees?

90 degrees

Time when the minute hand rotates 180 degrees on a clock?


How many times in a day angle between the minute and hour hands of a clock equal to an angle theta where 0theta180 degree?

44. 22 in each 12 hour cyccle.

What time is it when the hands on the clock form a 6 degree angle?

Any time the hands are one minute apart, like 12:01

What is the largest angle that can be by the hour and minute hands of a clock?


What is the angle in degree on a clock at 8.30?

75 degrees

If the clock said 2 o'clock what angle would it be?

60 degree angle

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