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A right angle.

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Q: What angle is its own supplementary angle?
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59 degree is supplementary to what angle?

Its supplementary angle is 121 degrees

What is the sum of the measure of a supplementary angle?

A supplementary angle can have any value - depending on the first angle.

What is the supplementary angle 84?

Supplementary angle = 180 - 84 = 96 degrees.

How do you angle a supplementary angle?

Supplementary angles add up to 180 degrees

What angle is supplementary to a 110 degree angle?

Supplementary angles are angles whose sum is 180° . The supplementary angle to 110° is therefore 70°.

Is there an angle that is equal to its supplement?

Yes. Supplementary angles add to 180o, so the angle which is its own supplement would be 90o.

What is the complementary and supplementary angle of 19?

Complementary angle is 71 degrees and supplementary angle is 161 degrees

What is the supplementary angle to an equilateral triangle?

A triangle is a polygonal shape, not an angle and therefore, cannot have a supplementary angle.

Can a supplementary angle be a complementary angle?

A supplementary angle can not be a complementary angle. The complementary angle has 2 angles equal 90... but a supplementary angle is X2 that much (108). * * * * * Nearly correct. 90 x 2 is 180, not 108!

What is the difference between a complementary angle and supplementary angle?

The sum of complementary angles is 90°. The sum of supplementary angles is 180°. EXAMPLE : 27° is the complementary angle to 63° and the supplementary angle to 153°.

Is a suplementary angle 180 degrees?

the angle and its supplementary angle added together is 180 the supplementary angle of angle y is 180-y

What is the supplementary angle of 179 degrees?

A supplementary angle will add up to 180 degrees so to find the supplementary angle of 179 degrees, you would take 180-179 to get a 1 degree angle.