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A semi-circle, half a circle, by definition is 180 degrees, half of a rotation. A whole circle has a whole rotation, which is 360 degrees.

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Q: What angle measure does a semicircle have?
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What is the angle inscribed in a semicircle?

It is a right angle.

What is a triangle in a semicircle?

A right angle triangle will fit into a semicircle.

What kind of angle is inscribed in a semicircle?

Right Angle?

The central angle of a semicircle is what kind of angle?

It's a STRAIGHT angle

What kind of an angle is the inscribed angle that intercepts a semicircle.?

A right angle.

What is defined to be an arc that has an central angle with the measure of 180 degrees?

If the arc is circular, such a figure is a semicircle or half circle.

Why is a straight angle forms a straight line?

A straight angle is 180 degrees, or twice the measure of a right angle. Therefore, it looks like a right angle that has been folded out into a flat line. Another way is to look at the arch of a 180 degree angle as a semicircle. Connect both ends of the semicircle and you have a straight line.

What angle inscribed in semicircle?

180 degrees

Does a semicircle have a straight line angle?


Is every inscribed angle that intercepts a semicircle is a right angle or an acute angle or a obtuse angle?

a right angle

Does a semicircle have an arc measure of 360 degrees?

The complete arc of a semicircle is 180 degrees

What is the angle of rotation of semi-circle?

order of rotation of semicircle is 1. angle of rotation of semicircle is 360 degree. If you want to find angle of rotation of a shape, then divide 360 from order of rotation of a shape.

Angle inscribed in a semicircle?

180 degrees * * * * * No, it is 90 degrees.

What is the perimeter of a semicircle that is 5 inches?

The answer will depend on what measure of the semicircle is 5 inches: its radius or diameter.

How can you find out which angle is supplementary?

the angle on a straight line is 180 degrees, the angle of semicircle at centre is 180 degrees

What is defined as an arc the lies between the sides of a central angle of 180 degrees?

A semicircle.A semicircle.A semicircle.A semicircle.

How is an angle in the semicircle be a right angle?

A semi circle is made up of two right angles.

What is the angle size of a semicircle?

180 degrees, or pi/2 radians.

Does the semicircle measure exactly 180 degrees?


What is a supplement?

The angle or arc that when added to a given angle or arc makes 180° or a semicircle. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Something added to a diet.

Why the rainbow is always a semicircle?

becaz the critical angle of rainbow is so large......

Defined to be an arc that lies between the sides of a central angle of 180?


What is the angle of rotation of circle and semicircle?

360 degrees and 180 degrees respectively

Explain what the measure of an angle is?

the measure of an angle is the degrees of an angle.

How do you find the center of a semicircle?

measure the length of the circle and divide it by 6

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