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The Right Angle.

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Q: What angle measures 90 degress?
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Dose a right angle measure 6080or 180 degress?

a right angle measures 90 degrees

which angle measures in 80 degress?

Right angle

What is an angle of 90 degress?

Right Angle

An angle of 90 degress? a right angle.

Degress are in a right angle?


What is the degress in an acute angle?


What angle measures 200 degress?

An angle of 200 degrees is a reflex angle

A right angle has how amny degress?


How many degress make a right angle?

90 degreesA right angle is 90°.

What is the sum in degrees of the interior angle of a rectangle?

360, each of the four interior angles of a rectangle measures 90 degress.

Why is it useful to have more than one name for an angle?

Because of the angle was different. Name three kinds of angles there. Among them: right-angled (90 degress), obtuse angle (more than 90 degress), and acute angle (less than 90 degress).

What type of angle is a acute angle?

less than 90 degress

How many degress is a right angle?

90 degrees

What is the degress of an acute angle?

less than 90

What is the value of the bond angle of xecl4?

90 degress

What are two angles if their measures have a sum of 90 degress?


What type of angle measures 90 degree angle?

A right angle measures 90 degrees

What type of angle measures 90?

If it measures 90 degrees, then it is called a right angle.

Triangle with an angle equal to 90 degress?

A right triangle.

What is the value of the smallest bond angle in xecl4?

90 degress

How are right angles different from straight angles?

well right angle is 90 degress or a perfect l a straight angle is 180 degress

How many degress does an obtuse angle have?

An obtuse angle is any angle greater than 90 degrees.

What is a five right angle turn?

A five right angle turn is 450 degress. It ia an ubtuse angle, which means it ia greater than a right angle, 90 degress.

A shape with a 90 degress angle?

Square, Rectangle, Right Triangle...

An angle measures exactly 90?

An angle is 90 degrees if and only if it is a right angle.