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Simple interest: 100/6 ie 16.67%

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Q: What approximate interest rate would an investor need to earn in order to double the value of an investment in six years?
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What approximate interest rate would an investor need to earn in order to double the value of an investment you six years?

The sixth root of 2 (which can be calculated as 2 to the power (1/6)) is 1.1225. If you subtract one, you get 0.1225, so 12.25%.

How long did it take to have full return of investment?

It depends on what you are investing in. If you're not a professional investor it should take about 5 years to double your investment in stocks.

What interest rate is required for an investment with continuously compounded interest to double in 8 years?

It is approx 8.66%

What interest rate would an investor need to earn in order to double the value in 6 years?


What is the rule 72?

Rule of 72 is a method that you can use to estimate the time your investments will double.I will give you the formulas and examples of how to apply them1) 72/interest=years2)72/years=interestExample 1: An investor is earning an interest of 10%. How many years will it take for her investments to double.Solution: 72/10= answerExample 2: An investor wants to double her money in 9 years, at what rate of interest must she earn for her investment to double in 9 years?Solution: 72/9=answer

Do investments double every 10 years?

Sometimes. It depends on the interest rate. The rule of 72 will tell you when your investment will double.Example(usage): you invest x dollars at 9% interest per year. 72/9 = 8It will take 8 years for your investment to reach 2x at 9% annual interest.The interest needed to double an investment in 10 years is:72/x=107.2% interestSo if your investment had an annual interest rate of 7.2% it would double in 10 years.

Why should a consumer know and understand the rule of 72?

Rule of seventy two is used to ascertain the period by which an investment would grow by 100%. 72 divided by rate of interest would provide the approximate period by which the investment would become double. As an example, if the rate of interest is 6% per month, the investment would be doubled in ( 72/6) 12 months. Rule of 72 thus is an important tool to know the investment horizon.

How can i double an investment every ten weeks?

If you invest in any assets which yields 7.2% per week, then your investment will double. Rule of 72 states "The rule number (e.g., 72) is divided by the interest percentage per period to obtain the approximate number of periods (usually years) required for doubling." <><><> An investment that doubles in value every 10 weeks is generally a VERY risky investment. Safe investments will not normally have a rate of return of more than 500% a year.

What exactly is the finance rule of 72?

The finance rule of 72 basically is a way to find out how long it will take for someone to double their money, given a certain interest rate. E.g. if you had an interest rate of 9% a year on an investment, it will take 72/9 = 8 years to double your initial investment.

How many years will it take for an investment to double if the interest rate is 8 percent per year compounded annually?

11 years

Advantages and disadvantages of turnkey contracting?

turnkey projects are expensive since the donor will double the interest charge to make more profit on their investment.

How long (to the nearest tenth of a year) will it take the investment to double in size?

The answer will depend on the rate of interest earned. Since this is not specified, there can be no sensible answer to the question.

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