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Dihydrogen monoxide is a joke name for water, and there are lots of stories about its assumed dangers - mentioning facts that are true, but misleading. For example, that it is the main ingredient of acid rain.

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Q: What are 10 misconceptions of dihydrogen monoxyde?
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What does dihydrogen mean?

dihydrogen is another word for pure water

What is the dissociation equation for sodium dihydrogen phosphate?

NaH2PO4(aq) --> Na+(aq) + H2PO4(aq)sodium dihydrogen phosphate --> sodium ion + dihydrogen phosphate ionExplanationDissociation is the breakdown of soluble salts into their respective ions. Sodium dihydrogen phosphate is made up of two ions - sodium and dihydrogen phosphate. Therefore the dissociation of sodium dihydrogen phosphate will produce sodium and dihydrogen phosphate ions.

What does dihydrogen monoxide mean?

dihydrogen is another word for pure water

How could dihydrogen monoxide kill you?

Dihydrogen monoxide is water (H2O) !!

What is the molecular name of dihydrogen monoxide?

Dihydrogen monoxide is a chemical name for water.

Is dihydrogen phosphate acid or base?

The dihydrogen phosphate ion - (H2PO4)-is an anion.

What is dihydrogen sulfite?

The formula for dihydrogen monosulfide is H2S.

How is dihydrogen monoxide used in your society today?

drinking, swimming, bathing, cleansing, all these are ways dihydrogen monoxide is used FYI: Dihydrogen Monoxide is water

Is dihydrogen oxide ionic or covalent?

Dihydrogen oxide, water, is a polar covalent compound.

What is the dihydrogen phosphate ion formula?

The chemical formula for dihydrogen phosphate ion is H2PO4-

What is H2PO43?

It's chemical full name is dihydrogen phosphite but it is more known as Phosphoric Acid

Is dihydrogen oxide an ionic or covalent compound?

Dihydrogen monoxide, water, is a molecule with covalent bonds.