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Q: What are 2 names for an acute triangle?
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Which two names describe the triangle?


What are the three names of a regular triangle?

Regular, Acute, and Equilateral * * * * * Regular and Equilateral are correct but not Acute. An acute triangle with angles of 50,60 70 degrees for example, is not regular. An equiangular triangle is the third possible name.

Is a acute triangle an isosceles?

If it has 2 equal acute angles and 1 obtuse angle then it is an isosceles triangle.

A triangle that has three 3 acute angles is a what?

A triangle with 3 acute angles is an acute triangle. All the angles in an acute triangle are acute.

What shape has 2 acute and one obtuse?

An obtuse triangle or an isosceles triangle if the 2 acute angles are equal in size

What is a characteristic of a triangle right triangle and obtuse triangle?

A right angle triangle has a 90 degree angle and 2 acute angles An obtuse triangle has 1 obtuse angle and 2 acute angles

Is is possible for an isosceles triangle to be an acute triangle?

Yes, but a triangle is acute only if all three of its angles are acute (< 90o).An isosceles triangle can be an acute triangle, but it doesn't have to be.An acute triangle can be an isosceles triangle, but it doesn't have to be.That depends on the sizes of its angle because an isosceles triangle has 2 equal sides and 2 equal angles which could be 70 degrees, 70 degrees and 40 degrees which are all acute angles that add up to 180 degrees.

Where would you find a acute angle?

3 names of where you would find an acute angle is: Triangle, cone and a star.

Which triangle has 3 acute angles and 2 equal sides?

An acute isosceles triangle has three acute angles (

Can you have a triangle with 1 acute 1 right and 1 obtuse angle?

No it is impossible a triangle can have: 3 acute angles 1 right and 2 acute angles 1 obtuse and 2 acute angles

Can a right triangle be classfield as an acute triangle?

No but it will have 2 acute angles within it as well as a 90 degree angle

Is a acute triangle isosceles?

Only when it has 2 equal acute angles and 1 obtuse angle that it is an isosceles triangle