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Two Numbers consisting only of ones that when multiplied or added equal the same number are 11, and 1.1

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Q: What are 2 numbers consisting only of ones that when multiplied or added equal the same number?
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What are the numbers multiplied by itself added to itself equals 30 What are the two possible numbers?

A number multiplied by itself added to itself equals 30. What are the two possible numbers?

What number can be multiplied to 150 and added to -31?


When you add a positive number by a positive number is the number negative or positive?

Positive numbers always result in positive numbers when added, divided, or multiplied by another positive number.

What are the sum and the product of a number?

The sum is the total when numbers are added together, the product is the total when they are multiplied.

What two number when multiplied give you -80 and when added give 2?


What two numbers are multiplied to get 504 and added to get 7?


What 2 numbers added equal -12 and multiplied equal 292?

No two numbers exist.for the two numbers to be added to be negative and multiplied to be positive, both numbers must be negative, and the highest possible multiplication for two numbers added to -12 would be (-6 and -6) but multiplied, yields 36. So, no such numbers would exist.

Is negative ten a real number?

Yes. Real numbers can be added, subtracted , multiplied and divided by nonzero numbers in an ordered way. x, for example, is not a real number.

What three numbers have the same added and multiplied?

1, 2 and 3

What two numbers equal 118?

When added? multiplied?

Is this true for any two odd numbers?

There are two truths about odd numbers. When added you get an even number... always! When multiplied you get an odd number... always!

What is multiplied to make 90 but added to make 19?


What does the commutative property apply to?

It applies to numbers and says that a number can be added and multiplied in any order. Example- 4x3=3x4.

What are two numbers that when multiplied equals 60 and when added equal 19?


What two numbers when multiplied give you 44 and when added give 15?


What numbers equal the same when multiplied and added toghter?


What two numbers multiplied equal 216 but added equal 50?


What number can be multiplied by 6 and added by six and still be the same number?


What two numbers when multiplied equal negative 19 and also can be added to equal 9?


What two numbers when added equal 11 and when multiplied equal 10?

The numbers are 1 and 10.

What two numbers when multiplied equals -40 and when added equals 6?

The numbers are: 10 and -4

Fraction and mix numbers?

Fractions and mixed numbers are numbers that can be added, multiplied, divided and subtracted. This is taught in math.

What 2 numbers have the same value when added or multiplied?

2 and 2

What 3 numbers equal when multiplied and added?

0, 0 and 0

What two numbers multiplied equals 11 but when added equals 12?