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Q: What are 2 objects you could find in a grocery store that holds less than 100 milliliters?
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How is a cytoplasm relate to schools?

Cytoplasm could be related to a school because the floor could represent the cytoplasm. The cytoplasm is what holds the organelles just like the floor holds objects.

Does medicine holds milliliters?

Medicine can be measured in millilitres

1.5 liters holds how many milliliters?

1500 ml

What object holds 750 milliliters?

3/4 liter

Does A 3 liter bottle holds about how many milliliters?

3000 ml

How many milliliters doe a teaspoon hold?

a teaspoon holds 5ml

How many milliliters in a coffeepot?

My coffee pot holds 850 ml.

Which holds more 7 milliliters or 7 centiliters?

7 centilitres is more

What can cytoplasm relate to in everyday objects?

Cytoplasm can relate to many everyday objects. It most relates to the floor in a house. This is because a floor holds all the objects just like the cytoplasm holds organelles.

A bottle holds 0.3 L how many milliliters is that?

300 milli = 1/1000

A pitcher that holds 0.5 L will hold how many milliliters?


How many milliliters are in australian tablespoon?

A standard Australian tablespoon holds 20ml of water.