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Q: What are 2 or 3 things you would like to study about children?
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What do geochemist study?

They study the earth using the principles of chemistry. They would study things like the oceans, the earth's crust, rocks, and so on.

What does the suffix eco mean?

Eco means like the study of something like for example ecosystems.Its is the study of living things and nonliving things.

What is the science of really gross things?

There is no specific science dedicated to "gross things." Different fields of science may deal with things people would consider gross. Most things like that are either alive or related to something alive. The study of life is called biology. The study of insects is entomology. The study of reptiles and amphibians is herpetology. The study of feces is coprology or scatology. The study of disease is pathology.

What is the study of why people do things?

something like psycology

If you were the teacher what themes would you like the class to study Why do these things interest you Write a list of five things that you would like to study and write reasons why the class should c?

I am sorry but your question is an homework essay assignment and we don't do homework. Your teacher is looking for your critical thinking skills and how well you understood the lesson.

What bad things did cronus do?

He Ate His All 12 Of His Children, What A Fat Boy. He Was Worried That Any Of His Children Would OverThrough Him Like He Did To His Father. What A Meanie

What are the children like in china?

Very happy, like me, but have to study very hard everyday!

Cytology would invovle the study of something true or false?

False. Cetology is study of whales, dolphins, and porpoises; cytology is the study of cells.

Where would I find a list of children's franchise opportunities?

There are several things that can start you on your way to a Children's Franchise. Most of the kids I know have started things like bead necklaces to support Children's Charities, or Incurable Diseases etc.

What is the study of physical science?

The study of Physical science is basicaly the study of non living things like earth science, chemistry, Astronomy, and physics

What do you study if you like birds and dinosaur?

you would study nature

Why you need study?

Chemistry is the study of how chemicals react to one another and to other things. With out the knowledge of these chemicals we would not have many of the things that we have now such as cleaning products, and other things like that. Chemistry has opened the door for new inventions, and new understanding of the world around us.