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Q: What are 2 reasons why data may be anomalous?
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Is it possible to have 2 anomalous data in a set of numbers?


What is the necessity of cleaning data?

2 reasons: - To obtain more free spaces. - To remove away unwanted data & information.

Give two reasons why caches are useful. what problem do they solve? data processing data retrieval

What are common causes for data loss?

As i know, data loss may be caused by several reasons: 1.Accidentally deletion 2.Unexpected format 3. Inaccessible disk or memory with important data for the reason of virus or spyware attack, rude inserting or picking out, etc.

What happens when the data from an investigation does not support the hypothesis?

1, The hypothesis may have to be revised. 2. The method of accumulating data may be flawed 3. The data may have been contaminated by other sources.

Advantages and disadvantages of databases?

Advanages: 1) Secured data 2) Reduced data redundancy 3) Controlled data inconsistency 4) Integrated data 5) Standardized data 6) Shared data Dis Advantages: 1) Security may be compromised without good controls 2) Extra hardware may be required 3) System is likely to be complex 4) Performance overhead may be significant.

What are good reasons an ex can come back 2 u and other reasons that he definitely will not?

Every situation between couples is different so your ex would have their own personal reasons why they may or may not go back to you which on he knows.

List all anomalous finites?

1. be, been, being 2. is, am, are, was, were, 3. may, might, 4. can, could, 5. will, would, 6. shall, should, 7. ought to 8. have, has, had Phani Kumar Veeturi(

What are the options available for data storage solution?

Two really good data storage solutions are external hard drives and USB memory sticks. I have used both for different reasons. Large amounts a data would need an external hard drive and smaller amounts such as 2-3 movies a USB stick would be appropriate.

What Top reasons for writing down myths?

1]they may motivate you or maybe not. 2]they may make you laugh or cheer you up.

Merit and demerit of primary and secondary data?

PRIMARY DATA MERITS 1. it gives valid information 2. you can observe finer nuances as in the case of interview or observation method 3. as in questionnaire, the anonimity of respondent is preserved DEMERITS 1. it can be difficult to gain access to the sample 2. the sample may behave unnaturally in the presence of the interviewer 3. personal bias may affect the outcome 4. it can be time consuming SECONDARY DATA MERITS 1. a variety of information 2. variety of opinions 3. in depth information 4. time saving DEMERITS 1. the data may be inaccurate 2. the data may be outdated 3. personal bias of researcher may affect the result 4. the information may not always be relevant

What are the reasons for delays in GSM for packet data traffic?

1. Different data rates provided by traffic channels are low. 2. Authentication and encryption also makes the packet data transmission low. 3. Various interferences and noises from the channel also causes delay.