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Corn is used to make ethanol fuel. Corn has also become an "attraction," as families flock to fields of mazes to challenge their puzzle-solving skills! and poopy like baby daby

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Q: What are 2 uses for corn besides eating?
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What 4 things can you make out of corn besides food?

1. lube 2. gas 3. nice necklace 4. more lube

Is corn flakes should be eaten to gain weight?

corn flakes are full of proteins..proteins are described as body builders. your muscles get will be toned naturally on eating protein diet. avoid eating proteins at night before 2 hrs you go to bed. it causes indigestion for many.

How long does it take to digest corn?

Corn can never be fully digested by the human digestive system. This is because corn contains cellulose, which cannot be digested by humans.

What type of food should a 5 month old corn snake be eating?

2-3 pinkie mice in one meal - once a week.

How long can a snake go without eatting?

my corn snake is about 3-4 feet long and can go about 2-3 weeks without eating

When you make loaves of bread using wheat flour and corn flour. She uses 0.58kg of wheat flour to make 2 loaves of bread. If she uses a combined total of 1.34kg of flour to make the 2 loaves how much?

0.29 kg of wheat flour and 0.38 kg of corn flour per loaf. 0.58 and 0.76 = 1.34 kg

If a recipe calls for 2 ears of corn how many cups of frozen corn?

1 - 10oz frozen corn = 3 medium ears of corn.

What can be substituted for tapioca flour besides potato starch?

You can use 4 teaspoons of quick cooking tapioca OR 1 tablespoon corn starch in place of 2 tablespoons flour for thickening.

Thomas has 5 quarts of milk. He uses 2 pints of milk to make corn chowder. How many pints are left?

5 pints

Who manufactures corn starch golf tees?

There are a number of manufacturers of corn starch golf tees around the world. There is a new development taking place with corn starch plastics and that is to combine the farming waste material like stalks and husks with corn starch to manufacture a biodegradable biomass type product. The product: 1. Uses waste (that would be burnt or discarded) 2. Is still biodegradable 3, Should be cheaper as it uses less processed material.

15.25 oz can of corn equals how many ears of corn?

3-4 ears of corn.

How many cups are in a pound of frozen corn?

3 1/3 cups of corn in 1 pound of frozen corn.