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this is the truth,consult G8,the WW1 & 2, the empires!

1) united states

2) russia

3) china

4) Great Britain

5) Germany

6) France

7) japan

8) India

9) turkey

10) Italy

11) israel

12) north Korea

13) Indonesia

14) Mexico

15) Canada

16) Iran

17) Egypt

18) South Korea

19) Spain

20) Pakistan

21) Australia

22) Saudi Arabia

23) Thailand

24) Argentina

25) Sweden

26) Poland

27) Greece

28) Taiwan

29) syria

30) myanmar

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Q: What are 30 strongest countries in the world?
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What do you think is the strongest baseball country?

Unfortunately, I think Japan, Cuba, and the Dominican Republic are the strongest baseball countries in the world. MLB has the best players but many of them come from these other countries. The three aforementioned countries bleed baseball while the USA has so many major pro sports that baseball gets lost in the shuffle.

What is one of the World's most strongest aircraft carrier?

The USS Eisenhower carrier is the most strongest aircraft carrier in the World.

Who has the strongest coast guard in the world?

Probably the Egyptians as they have the strongest military, but I'm not giving any guarantee's. ----

What word best describes the us economy after world war 2?

Strongest in the world.

Show you the ranking of the countries with strongest army in world?

If the usa is the strongest county in the world and it spends half of what the rest of the world spends on its military then way has usa lost so many wars against small vulnerable countries and little groups armed with small weapons usa military power is in a Hollywood movie with actors and special effects The U.S. can't just go and kill people!That's a massacre!The "small" countries don't have a big army but has weak military.Try scouring miles of land for only a couple of enemy soldiers with only about 500 soldiers assigned to that region.It isn't easy and the U.S is afraid of killing innocent people.Its true strength will be recognized when it fights countries with big armies with powerful arsenals.India, China, and Russia are countries the U.S will find easy to win battles against.

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What are the world's top 40 strongest countries?

The answer to what the top 40 strongest countries are would vary, depending on what aspect you want to know aabout. The top 40 strongest countries in agriculture, for example, might be very different from the top 40 strongest countries in education.

What are the most strongest countries in the world now?

america and israel

What countries were the strongest following World War 2?


What countries have the strongest Air Forces in the world?

The United States of America, Russia, and China probably have the strongest Air Forces.

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What were the two countries were the strongest in the world after World War 2?

The United States and Soviet Union (aka Russia)

What country is lslam strongest in?

World Top Ten Countries With Largest Muslim PopulationsCountryMuslim PopulationPakistan150,365,000India122,570,000Indonesia116,105,000Bangladesh110,849,000Turkey64,714,000Iran64,707,000Egypt57,780,000Nigeria49,000,000Algeria30,442,000Morocco27,736,000

What were the strongest countries in the british isles?

England is the biggest and strongest.

How many Caribbean countries are there in the world?

it is made up of 30 countries

Who were the strongest countries at the end of World War 2?

The United States and the Soviet Union. And the United kingdom.

How many countries in world play rugby league?

nearly 30 countries.