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Q: What are 3 chacter traits of keevan in the smallest dragon boy?
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What are some character traits of kevan in The smallest dragonboy by Anne McCaffrey?

Keevan is kind because he asked for the shovel instead of fighting for it he is determined that he will impress a dragon and he wants to prove to the other boys that he can get a dragon

What are some traits Beterli from the smallest dragonboy has?

Keevan is hardworking, reliable, brave, determined, and brave. Beterli is a big, tall mean, bully.

What are the character traits to keevan from the smallest dragonrider?

Keevan's trait are somewhat like he is Confident, brave, hardworking, and he is determined!!! Keevan is also hurt at the end of the story he got stabbed with a shovel and broke his ribs and his leg but yet he still wanted to make it to the hatching he went and he got the best dragon there is which is a Bronze dragon it picked him to be his Dragonrider Keevan was so determained he used a stick to hel him get to the hatching his legs were hurting really bad and he was in very pain he said to him self Drangonriders never cry.

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What character traits would you assign to keevan's foster mather mende?

I'm reading this book right now! Answer: Mende is very caring, kind, gentle but she also can be stern at times. Hope this helps!!

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