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. lightning

. batteries

. energy generated by electric eels

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amperes volts current

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Q: What are 3 examples of electrical energy?
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What is a examples of electrical energy?


What are examples of mechanical energy transforms into a electrical energy?


What are examples for electrical energy?

A current in a wire.

10 examples of electrical energy?

1.dvd player 2. refrigirator 3. cell phone

What are examples of electrical loads in the kitchen that convert electrical energy to light energy?

light bulbs switches

Can you give me an examples of electrical energy?

electric eel

What are the examples of electrical energy?

electricity moving on wires

What examples of electrical energy?

a light bulb or lightning

List of examples of energy conversions?

List of examples of energy conversions1. Electric Generator (Mechanical Energy into Electrical Energy)2. Electric Motor (Electrical Energy into Mechanical Energy)3. Steam Engine (Thermal Energy into Mechanical Energy)4. Diesel or Petrol Engine (Chemical Energy into Mechanical Energy)5. Stove (Chemical Energy into Thermal Energy)6. Electric Bulb (Electrical Energy into Thermal and Light Energy)7. Cellular Respiration (Chemical Energy into Thermal and Mechanical Energy)

What are batteries and power plants examples of?

They are source of electrical energy.

5 examples of transformation of energy?

TV- Electrical energy to light and sound energy Radio and stereo - Electrical energy to sound energy Fan- electrical energy to mechanical energy Toaster - Electrical energy to heat energy Light bulb- Electrical energy to Light energy Battery or cell - Chemical energy to electrical energy

What are some examples of energy conversion in electrical devices?