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Q: What are 3 fact about photosynesis?
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What are the products of photosynesis?

Sugar and oxygen

Where does photosynesis take place?

In the leaves of plant

The source of energy for the process of photosynesis?

The Sun or sunlight

What is the name for a type of plant that makes its own food?


What do plants need to conduct photosynesis?

carbon dioxide, water and sun light

The source of carbon dioxide for photosynesis is?

The air - what people and animals breathe out etc

What is it called when plants turn energy into food?


What three things are required for plants to go through photosynesis?

Uv rays, carbon dioxide, and water

What happens during the process of photosynesis?

they convert radient energy into chemical energy while relasing Oxyen,making sugar and stuff.

What parts of a plant help with photosynesis?

The leaves definitely do because their cells have chloroplasts in them that do all the work, but I'm not sure about any other parts.

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