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The factors are:

-The volume that the air takes up (the greater the volume the less the pressure)

-The amount/number of molecules of air (the more gas the higher the pressure)

-The temperature (the higher the temperature the higher the pressure)

and that's it lol

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 17:44:02
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Q: What are 3 factors affect air pressure?
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3 factors that affect air pressure?

Altitude, temperature and humidity.

What are that factors that affect sensation?

There are at least 3 major factors that affect sensation. These 3 factors that affect sensation are pressure, temperature, and smell.

What are three factors that affect wind direction?

1) Coriolis effect 2) Friction 3) Air pressure

3 factors that affect solubility?

temperature pressure concentration

What are the 3 factors that affect how gases behave?

volume pressure and temperature

What 3 elements affect air pressure?

Temperature of air. Altitude or Elevation. Moisture.

What 3 factors affect the density of sea water?

Temperature, salinity, and pressure.

What factors affect corrosion in aluminum foil?

There are three factors... 1) Temperature 2) Pressure 3) The presence of Oxygen

What are three factors that affect solubility?

(1) Temperature (2) Nature of solute or solvent (3) Pressure.

What three factors affect solubility?

(1) Temperature (2) Nature of solute or solvent (3) and Pressure.

What are the factors that influence weather on the Earth?

the factors that influence the earths weather are air pressure, wind, temperature, humidity and precipitation. <3

What 3 factors affect the pressure of an enclosed gas?

→PV=nRT where P is the pressure, V the volume, n the amount of substance and T the

What are 3 biotic factors that can affect the distribution and abundance of a particular species?

water,air,and soil

What are the factor affect pressure in liquids?

there are 3 main factors 1. depth 2.density 3.acceleration due to gravity

What are three factors that can change the speed and pressure of air flow?

1) Weather and precipitations 2) Altitude 3) Air Temperature

What are three factors that affect the solubility of a substance and how are they described?

1. Temperature 2. Pressure 3. type of solvent

What 3 factors affect the pressure of a gas in a closed container?

temperature, amount of gas, and volume PV=nRT

What are 3 factors that influence air pressure?

water vapor, temperature, sorry i dont know the other one

What four things affect weather?

1. humidity 2. air pressure 3. temperature 4. wind

Three factors that affect the temperature?

Amount of sun, amount of clouds and amount of moisture in the air are 3 examples of things that could affect temperature.

What are the main factors that affect blood pressure?

In the US, the lack of Omega 3 in the food supply, although that isn't the answer your homework is looking for...

3 examples of abiotic factors?

Non-living components that are a part of the environment and affect ecosystems are known as abiotic factors. Three examples of abiotic factors are soil, air, and temperature.

Factors that affect dissolution?

1. Heating/Temperature Increase 2. Stirring 3. Size of the Particle 4. Pressure 5. Polarity

Which factors will affect the solubility of a solute in a liquid solvent?

1. Nature of solute or solvent 2. Temperature 3. Pressure (gases only)

Factors that affect mental health and how they affect mental health?

Factors that affect mental health are: 1) HEREDITARY FACTOR 2) PHYSICAL FACTORS 3) SOCIO- CULTURAL FACTORS