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Its a 3d net that can be transformed into a 3d shape

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Q: What are 3d nets?
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What is Nets of a Cube?

Well, the nets of the cube are basically when you get a 3D cube and flatten it. That gives you the 2D shape of a cube, which is know as the net. There are 11 nets for a cube. Here they are.

Can you draw 3D shapes on centimetre square paper?

Yes you can draw the nets of 3D objects on graph paper

How do 3D shape nets help us in life?

they help when designing things on a computer

What career uses 3d nets?

People who design and manufacture containers and machines which manufacture containers.

What does it mean by draw nets for a cube?

Fold our your 3D cube and measure all the way around it. If it is a 2D shape then measure around that. By G2010

Something about nets used for making 3D objects?

They can be used for making packaging in cubes and cuboids, as well as toy dices and models for mathematics classes!!

Will the new jersey nets be renamed to new york nets?

No, they were renamed to Brooklyn Nets

What are the nets of an open cube?

there are 5 nets

What are the nets called in the soccer field?


How many nets does an octahedron have?

It has 8 nets to it

What type of nets are used for fishing?

there are many types of fishing nets there are gill nets, seinenets, cast nets, hand nets, you can also use traps but that istechnically not a net.thank you for looking this up i guess?

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How many nets does a cone have?

It can be represented in 2D by two nets

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They are not...

What is the Nets mascots name?

The nets Mascot's name is Sly.

How many different nets can you make for a cube?

11 nets

How many nets does a cube have?

there are 11 nets that make a cube

How can you stop ghost nets?

Find the nets and take them away

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When was Nets Group created?

Nets Group was created in 2010.

When was Nets of Destiny created?

Nets of Destiny was created in 1924.

When was Brooklyn Nets created?

Brooklyn Nets was created in 1967.

What tools do oceanographers use?

microscopes, plankton nets, and nets

Where do you find nets?

Are you looking for sports nets? Nets of American Inc is the best souce to find out Soccer, Golf, Baseball, Backstops and Lacrosse nets at an very affordable price.

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