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A palindrome is a word that reads the same left-right and right-left.

e.g. noon, toot, peep, etc.

Many 4-letter palindromes will have a double 'o' or double 'e' in the middle, but they can be different.

e.g. otto, ABBA, etc.

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Q: What are 4 letter palindromes?
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5 letter palindromes?

Some 5 letter palindromes are:kayaksagascivictenetlevelreferradarrotormadamdeled

What are some seven letter palindromes?

Some palindromes: racecar, radar, eye, noon, toot, sees, pop, mom, dad, wow, ewe, madam, kayak, deed, peep, civic, repaper, refer, rotavator, solos, stats, tot, Navan, pip, did, Sentence that are palindromes: Rats live on no evil star. Step on no pets. Able was I ere I saw Elba.

What are some 6 letter palindromes?

Some 6 letter palindromes you may like:RedderHannah

What are some 4-letter palindromes?

deed, peep, sees, abba, kook, noon, toot, otto There are alot of palindromes out there! I had to collet them and write them in a Palindrome wordchart for English homework! If you are stuck on here are some! 3 Letter Palindromes Eve, Mum, Dad, Pop , Pip , Wow, Yay, Eye, Did, Mam, Ewe, Gig, Gag, Pup. 4 Letter Palindromes Deed, Noon, Peep, Toot, Otto, Abba. 5 or More Letter Palindromes Level, Minim, Kayak, Madam, Refer, Civic.

What is the maximum number of 6-letter palindromes?

26 * 26 * 26 palindromes

What are some five letter palindromes?

Palindromes are words that can be spelled the same backwards and forwards. Some examples of five letter palindromes are level, radar, civic, and kayak.

How many 4-digit palindromes are there?

There are 90 four-digit palindromes

What 11 letter word that the A the second?


What are some 8 letter palindromes?


What are same 6 letter palindromes?


What 7 letter words are palindromes?


Can you give me examples of 4 letter palindromes?

BOOB, DEED, NOON, POOP, SEES and TOOT are some examples.