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you can go to social gathering and vote and go to local meetings

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by interviewing and touring them

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How many municipal corporations are there in Kerala?


What is the election procedure of municipal corporation of delhi?

its after every 5 years

How many offices can they clean in 12 hours if they take 6 hours to clean 5 offices?

The number of hours worked has doubled so the number of offices cleaned will be double

How much duration of the mayor of municipal carporation of maharashtra?

2-5 yr

What is a safe amount to invest in municipal bonds?

A safe amount to invest can in municipal bonds is not to exceed 5% of your complete portfolio. Municipal bonds are not risk free, as some cities, e.g. Stockton, CA, have gone bankrupt in recent times.

What are the top 5 largest sheriffs offices in the US?


How many ways can 5 students be assigned to a row of 5 seats?

120 ways.120 ways.120 ways.120 ways.

What are top 5 accounting firms in the US?

Deloitte & Touche - "big 4" 107 U.S officesErnst & Young - "big 4" 95 U.S officesPrincewaterhouseCooper - "big 4" 99 U.S officesKPMG - "big 4" 95 U.S officesGrant Thornton - 48 U.S offices

How many cognizant branches are there in coimbatore?

Cognizant has 3 offices in coimbatore and all 3 offices reside 5 kms within each other

How many ways can you get 25 out of 5 or 10 or 20?

5+10+10 5+5+5+10 5+5+5+5+5 5+20 Four ways.

How many ways can you make 00.60?

there are 5 ways

How many different ways can 5 people be selected from a group of 18?

The number of ways is 18C5 = 18!/(5!*13!) = 8,568 ways.

How many ways can you divide 5?

Two ways: 5/5 = 1 and 5/1 = 5 because 5 is a prime number which has only 2 factors which are itself and one

How many ways are there to pass a basketball?

There are 5 ways i think

How many ways can you arrange 5 squares?

There are 12 ways to arrange 5 squares however i want to know what are the ways to do that! Can anybody help me too!!

How many ways are possible in making 5?


How many people died in the London riots?

5 people died and about 35 offices injured

What OSHA regional office is IL a part of?

The OSHA offices in Illinois are part of Region 5.

5 forms of municipal government?

i know three forms of municipal government and they are mayor-council, commission forms, and council manager form. if you happen to know two more forms plz tell me as soon as possible thank you and regards.

What are the ways in forming mixtures?

give me 5 ways forming mixture

How many ways can you eat a pig?

eating it is easy there are 5 ways:)

What are 5 ways to classify rocks?

what are five ways to classify rocks

How many ways are there to spell maisie?

there are 5 ways to spell maisie

How many ways can 7411111 be arranged?

The answer is 7!/5! = 42 ways.

How many different ways can the letters in the word pants be arranged?

Pants = 5 letters 5! which is, 5 * 4 * 3 * 2 = 120 ways ========