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Boolean operators are used in programming. It would be hard for me to explain exactly how they are used in programming without giving you a programming course, but I can tell you basically what they do. The main boolean operators are AND, OR, NOT, and XOR (exclusive or). So: * (true AND true) makes true * (true AND false) makes false * (false AND true) makes false * (false AND false) makes false * (true OR true) makes true * (true OR false) makes true * (false OR true) makes true * (false OR false) makes false * (NOT true) make false * (NOT false) makes true XOR is the same as OR except that it only allows one or the other to be true; not both: * '''(true XOR true) makes false''' * (true OR false) makes true * (false OR true) makes true * (false OR false) makes false Boolean operators can be mixed together like this: NOT (true XOR (false AND true)) makes false In programming, you often use symbols to represent these instead of writing out the words. OR is , not is !, and AND is &&. -DJ Craig They are often used by search engines. If you put in "Bob" AND "Smith" you would get results that have both Bob and Smith in them (say 150 results). If you put in "Bob" OR "Smith" you would get any result with Bob or Smith (say 3000 results). If you put in "Bob" NOT "Smith" you would get Bob Jones, but not Bob Smith. Not all search engines use these. And some use other terms for them.

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Q: What are Boolean operators and how are they used?
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What are the 5 Boolean operators?

These are the 5 boolean operators are ( ) NEAR NOT AND OR

What are Boolean operators are used for?

Boolean operators: = != > < >=

Where can someone learn about Boolean operators?

Boolean operators are words that are used to define the relationship between other words. For example, both AND and OR are considered Boolean operators. More in depth information can be found in advanced grammatical texts.

What are the basic logic operators in Boolean algebra?

AND, OR, and NOT are the basic operators in Boolean Algebra.

What are some Boolean Operators examples?

Boolean operators include : AND OR NAND (Not AND) NOR (Not OR)

What are more examples of boolean operators?

All Boolean operators are, are true or false statements.

What are boolean operaters?

The standard Boolean operators are AND, OR and NOT. From these, Boolean algebra derives 3 more "derived" operators--material implication, exclusive or, and equivalence. They are used to evaluate a Boolean expression. These expressions all evaluate to either TRUE or FALSE.

Who are the Boolean Operators?

And, And not, Or

What are the names of the 5 boolean operators that you have discussed today?

The Boolean operators are:AndNandOrNorXorNot

Do function formulas have operators?

They can have operators. It depends on the formula or function in question. There are lots of kinds of operators that can be used like the mathematical ones, operators for comparisons and boolean operators.

How did boolean operators get the name?

From George Boole, founder of boolean algebra.

List four Boolean operators that are sometimes used in web searches?

And / or / not / near

What is a boolean operation?

A boolean operator is a simple word such as and, or, or not which are used to narrow or expand searches. Boolean operators are also used in programming to determine a path of action often depending on the status of a variable.

Difference between relational and logical operators?

Logical operators don't Compare values they combine Boolean values and produce a Boolean result. Examples of logical operators are &amp;&amp; (and), , (or), ! (not). If you have two Boolean values and you combined them with the &amp;&amp; operator the result will be (TRUE) only if both values were (TRUE). Relational operators compare two values and produce a Boolean result. Most of the time we use logical operators to combine the results of two or more comparison expressions that use relational operators.

List you 3 Boolean operators used to narrow down searches?

1 = * 2 = ? 3 = *?

What type of expression is obtained in relational operators?

A boolean is an expression obtained in relational operators.

What is result of relational operator?

Relational operators are Boolean operators. They return true or false.

Why there is no boolean operator in php?

There are several boolean operators in PHP. I'm not able to provide you with it's full list, but here are some of the most used ones: &amp;&amp; - AND - OR ! - NOT

Who are the boolean operators named after?

Boolean operators are named after a mathematician by the name of George Boole. He came up with the idea that all mathematical problems were either true or false.

Where are boolean operators used?

In programming. True/false can come in handy when asking questions like; "What is the state of this?"

What is the Java logical operators that has the highest order of preference?

Logical operator precedence (from highest precedent to lowest): # NOT ! # boolean AND &amp; # boolean XOR ^ # boolean OR | # AND &amp;&amp; # OR

What are the terms or search operators that are used when conducting a search of keywords on the Internet?

Boolean operators Find a list here:

What are examples of a Boolean operator?

And, or, not, xor, nand, nor. There are a few others, too.

What are four Boolean operators?

Depends on the computer language, the Boolean operators may have different looks, but all the basic ones should be in place:Equality (Equals(), ==, IsTrue, IsFalse), to compare 2 boolean valuesNot (~, !, .NOT. ), negation or compliment. That is, !True TrueAnd (&, &&, .AND.), the intersection.Or (|, , .OR.), the union

What is the 5 boolean operators?

x and y represent the true / false