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Q: What are Clif Bar's 5 aspirations?
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What retailers carry Clif bars?

Many retailer carry Clif bars including Shoppers Drug Mart, Walmart, and directly through the Clif Bar Store. Amazon, Target and Walgreens also are retailers of Clif bars.

Where can one purchase Cliff bars?

Clif bars can be purchased at places such as Walmart or Shoppers Drug Mart. If someone would prefer to shop online that one can purchase the Clif bars at Amazon.

What are some of the best makes of cereal bars?

According to reviews and ratings on the GoodGuide website, the best brands of cereal bar are: Luna bars, Powerbar, Zone, Clif and Clif Kid Organic bars.

Where are Clif bars manufactured?

The company operates out of Berkley, CA.

Do clif bars have peanuts?

It depends on the flavour of Clif bar. The Chocolate Chip does not but it does NOT say that it was made in a peanut free factory. Some flavours DO have peanut butter.

What are clif bloks, and where can I get some?

Clif bloks are nutrtion bars that are used by athletes who are in long term activities)endurance) such as running or bicycling for a long period of time.

What are clif shots and where do you get them?

Clif shot is a company that specializes in health and energy powders,snacks and bars for the serious athlete or outdoors-man. Some of their products include the clif shot energy gel and Luna which is designed especially for women.

Where are the Luna Bars located?

Luna Bars is owned by Clif Bars & Company, and they are currently located at 1451 66th Street, Emryville, CA 94608-1004. Luna Bars was launched in 1999.

Can someone tell me where to buy 'Clif Bars' in Canada?

Superstore, Bulk Barn, Sobeys, Loblaws.

What type of materials are sold by Clif Bar and Company online store?

Clif Bar & Company sells many materials on their online store. They sell health granola type bars. They also sell coconut, chocolate, nuts, caramel and mint bars.

How tall is Clif Kosterman?

Clif Kosterman is 6'.

When was Clif Richardson born?

Clif Richardson was born in 1943.