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BSME-1C diyo makita ? tanong niyo saken :D


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Q: What are General proportion of lettering?
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What are the elements of lettering?

Uniformity & balance & proportion

What are the characteristics of good lettering?

3 general kind of guide give them meaning

Three general proportion of letters?

buto mo.. kitoan

What is lettering?

Lettering is the art of making letters with the use of drawing or lettering instruments.... Lettering is the art of making letters with the use of drawing or lettering instruments....

What is lettering..?

Lettering is the art of making letters with the use of drawing or lettering instruments.... Lettering is the art of making letters with the use of drawing or lettering instruments....

What is general liability class code 99003?

99003-0-Sign Painting or Lettering Inside Buildings

What are technique in lettering?

One technique in lettering is calligraphy.If you need a more general answer, kids learn printingfirst, then they learn cursive writing.

What are the different lettering instruments used in lettering and their uses?

Uses Of Lettering

The proportion of state and local general revenue coming from national grants is?


What are the characteristics of Lettering?

Readability Legibility Spacing Uniformity Simplicity

Does the proportion of minorities in the US Congress match the proportion of minorities in the general US society?

No, roughly 16% of Congress is minority while 32% of the US population is minority.

What lettering font is the logo ralliart?

ralliart lettering font

What are the principles of lettering?

meaning of principle of lettering

Does law of variable proportion apply only in agriculture?

No. It also applies to mathematics in general.

What has the author John Brinkley written?

John Brinkley has written: 'Lettering today' -- subject(s): Lettering 'Lettering today' -- subject(s): Lettering

What animal has the biggest feet?

In general, the elephant has the largest feet. In proportion to body size, a wading bird called the Jacana has the largest feet.

What part of speech is lettering?

noun, as in the lettering on the sign was Chinese.

Ruger 44 magnum carbine with gold lettering The lettering looks factory not aftermarket Can you verify if Ruger did this gold lettering and for what occasion or purpose?

I have one with gold lettering as well. It's a1962 model. It looks factory as well.

What is incuse lettering on a coin?

Most lettering on a coin is raised. Incuse lettering, usually on the edge, is either stamped, hammered or impressed into the coin.

Meaning of lettering?

lettering the act or process of inscribing with or making letters.

What is the importance of lettering?

The importance of lettering means, the style or design or shape or size an which it was formed

What are the Rules for architectural lettering?

1. Master mechanical lettering 2. Learn to letter with vertical strokes. 3. Practice words,phrases and numbers. 4. Letters shape should not be changed. 5. Proportion 6. Emphasize certain strokes to avoid confusion. 7. Don't mix up upper and lowercase letters. 8. Don't leave space within the letters. 9. Consistency. 10. Spacing.

What is freestyle lettering?

Freestyle lettering is lettering that looks like what it says. eg. BALL would be in the shape of a ball. Different to other styles, free style lettering is not usually used in writing though used for advertisement. :)

What is a drafting lettering guide?

a lettering guide is a guide in using letters to make them accurate and neater.

Use of lettering pencil in Engineering drawing?

H or hb is used for lettering in ed