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what are the year 10 subjects for harrow high school? pls answer my question!

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Q: What are Harrow high school year 10 subjects?
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Who is the founder of Harrow School United Kingdom?

The founder of the Harrow School in England in the United Kingdom. The Harrow School was founded by John Lyon in the year 1243 with the help of the Church of England.

What Three subjects taught in high school in S's?

To answer we need a year. S is not a year, but a letter.

When was Harrow English School in Darbhanga established?

It was established in the year 1994.

How many different subjects must a person take in the first year of high school in Canada?

The amount of subjects you must take as a freshman in high school in Canada depends on the school you are going to. Most require at least 3 or 4 main classes and the rest are electives.

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It depends where you live,if you live in the u.k, i think you can choose in year 9,10,11 i`m not really sure because i am not in year 9 yet.

What are the subjects of first year in benigno ninoy Aquino high school in makati city in Philippines?

ewan ko. gradweyt na ako eh

In high school for freshmen year do you have to take the classes your teacher recommends If you do how can you change the recommendation?

Yes. You have to them because they know what subjects are better for for you. You can it after some time.

What is the second year of high school?

Sophomore year is the second year of high school.

How many subjects can year nine's choose this year?

It depends on which school you attend. Some schools only give you a certain number of subjects to choose from.

Who is a sophomore in high school?

Their 10 th year of school their second year of high school

What year of school is the 13th year?

high school

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What year did i start high school from 1980