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Hot tub come in

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Q: What are Hercules positive and negative character traits?
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What are charachter traits?

Character traits are characteristics that define someone. For example, someone's character traits can be silly, weird or friendly. These can be either positive or negative.

What are positive and negative traits of an individual?

Positive and negative traits will vary based on the individual.Many traits exist, some positive ones include:CaringDevotedGenerousLoyalLovingRespectfulSincereMany traits exist, some negative ones include:SelfishDisrespectfulVainPessimisticRudeUnreliableNegative

How do character traits affect the opinions of the character?

Just like real people, character traits influence how the characters affect others. Characters with negative traits like lying or cheating will be disliked, while characters with positive traits like courage and loyalty will be liked.

Negative and positive traits of teenager today?

The positive traits are that teenagers are taking more responsibilities. The negative traits are that there is a lot of peer comparison.

Does anyone know any positive and negative character traits that start with the letter z and that start with the letter k too?

Positive Z: zealous, zestful. Negative Z: ??? Positive K: Kind, keen Negative K: kooky(?)

Positive and negative traits of an teenagers?

positive: nothing negative: they're evil

Negative and positive traits of filipino as an employee?

They are human, with all the positive and negative qualities that humans have.

What is the positive and negative traits of the neighbor?

It varies by who your neighbor is. :)

What are Odysseus' positive and negative traits?

His positive traits are brave bold clever strong leader loyal perseverance his negative traits are overconfident cocky shrewd easily distracted impulsive arrogant insolent

What are some character traits that start with a P?


What are positive character traits that start with y?


What are some positive and negative traits of Filipino managers?

There are many positive traits of having a Filipino manager. One of these traits is bringing diversity into the work place.